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February 14, 2001

Cameron Beckman


NELSON LUIS: We'd like to welcome Cameron Beckman. He's currently our leader at 9-under with a 63 today on the Bermuda Dunes course. Obviously a pretty exciting 24 hours for you, getting into the tournament yesterday when Jesper was unable to attend. Why don't you just go over your emotions today and we'll take it from there.

CAMERON BECKMAN: I had heard that Jesper was leaving for the birth of his child, so I had an idea that I would have a chance to get in, and you never know. And it was strange because I woke up this morning and I saw that he had withdrawn from the tournament and I had not heard officially that I was in. So it was kind of different. I wanted to take advantage of that opportunity. When you get a good break like that, you know you want to do something with it, and today was just a great day. I played with Peterman from Seinfeld and we just had a ball.

Q. Could you go through the sequence of events, starting yesterday -- where you were, did they encourage you because you were the first alternate that you would get in someplace, and what time did you get up and the procedures basically starting yesterday afternoon until you actually teed off?

CAMERON BECKMAN: I came over here on Monday from San Diego, and I think I was -- I really didn't think I was going to get into the tournament today to be honest with you. By the time I got done with the practice round on Monday, I was first alternate. I played over at the Arnold Palmer course yesterday and just sort of relaxed a little bit. It is kind of a strange situation, because when you're in that situation, you want to play in the tournament, but you're not -- you don't want anything to happen to somebody or something like that to get into the event. So, it is kind of an odd position. But I was here, you know, right after San Diego.

Q. And then, in other words, you said you woke up this morning and you had not been officially notified?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Right. I read it in the newspaper before I was officially notified, actually. I had a pretty good idea -- the Titleist guy, when I was getting my balls for the week last night, said that he thought Jesper was not going to play. So I had a pretty good idea and I had prepared to play today. You know, I think it was maybe 7:00 when I first heard that I was actually going to be in the tournament.

Q. Are you saying that you didn't know until you read the newspaper that you were playing today?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Exactly. I had not heard officially that I was in the tournament. You know, it's kind of a good feeling to see that he had withdrawn. And like I said, you don't want to wish anything ill on anybody else to get into the tournament.

Q. If you didn't find out until 7:00, did you race over to Bermuda Dunes?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Actually I teed off at about 10 o'clock, and I was instructed to be on the tee ready to play for Jesper. I talked to the guys last night. I went through my usual routine and played good golf today.

Q. Do you know Jesper relatively well, and when you showed up, was there any disappointment from the other guys that they were not playing with the defending champion, the Amateurs?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Our team shot 20-under. I'm sure they wanted to play with the defending champion and stuff like that, and I kind of felt like if I played good, I could kind of make it good for them. We had a great time.

NELSON LUIS: Why don't we briefly go over your birdies and your bogey on 7.

CAMERON BECKMAN: I started on 10. Parred 10. Birdied 11.

NELSON LUIS: On 11, you birdied the par 4.

CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah, I hit it about three feet and made it. Then the next hole, I think was the par 5 if I'm not mistaken. I chipped up and hit it up in front of the green in two and got it to about five feet and made that.

NELSON LUIS: Then you birdied 16.

CAMERON BECKMAN: 16, I hit driver, 6-iron about 15 feet and made that. Then on 18, I hit it just over the green and chipped in. Then on 1, I hit 3-wood up on the green and chipped it to a foot. 2, I hit driver and a 9-iron about three feet. I'm actually at 8-under. I bogeyed 7. Chipped up to a foot on 8 and made birdie. And then I hit it about four feet on the last hole and made it on 9 to finish at 8-under.

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