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June 25, 2017

Jamie Murray

Bruno Soares

London, England


6-2, 6-3

Q. Pop quiz, Jamie: Only Brits to win the doubles at Queen's in the open era before you?
JAMIE MURRAY: Jeremy Bates.

Q. Which year?

Q. 1990.

Q. That puts this achievement into perspective, doesn't it?
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, I guess so. I mean, look, if you see the board that's down in the lounge, I mean, like it's all the great players that have won the doubles here. All the best teams, all the best doubles players. You know, they get an amazing field every year and this year was no different.

I think we are really proud of our achievements. Bruno obviously won before, but, you know, for me, I used to watch this tournament growing up all the time, come home from school, turn on the TV, watch the guys playing. And, you know, I've played here a lot of times now. You know, I lost into the final obviously to Bruno a few years ago. It's a home event, and it has a little bit more on it, doesn't it?

Yeah, I'm really proud to get my name up on the board. Yeah, it was a great week for us.

Q. You had almost a mini match coming into the final itself. Do you think that helped you guys kind of warm up before the game and come into your rhythm a bit quicker than the other guys?
JAMIE MURRAY: Perhaps, yeah. I think we started sharper than they did, I think. Whether that was because we had a match and they didn't, I don't know.

But we definitely started sharper. You know, I think we were seeing the ball better than they were early on in the match. You know, we got a nice break of serve at the beginning. Kind of settled us down. We played some really good points.

I think when we were in a bit of trouble on the serve, we managed to get with some good tennis. Yeah, it all bodes well for a couple weeks' time.

Q. Perfect preparation for Wimbledon? Have you ever gone into the grass court Grand Slam with more confidence and better form than you will now?
BRUNO SOARES: Well, I had one year we won here, played the finals in Eastbourne. It was pretty good. But I think undefeated first time, so looking forward (smiling).

Q. After the French, it was quite a tough defeat. You were able to bounce back and get some confidence. Two back-to-back titles?
JAMIE MURRAY: Well, that's the thing. Things change fast. We had a tough loss there. Had some tough matches before that, as well, where we didn't quite get the job done. You know, look, I think we both knew we were playing well, because we were always getting into winning positions. We just didn't convert them in quite a short space of time.

You know, I think we kept the belief that we would keep getting in these positions and eventually they would go for us. Last couple of weeks I think we won four match tiebreaks, which is huge for us. That's the sort of stuff that -- you know, it's the difference between, you know, winning and losing so often and difference between going home on Tuesday and still being there on Sunday.

Yeah, I think we have played a lot of great tennis this week. Stuttgart we played well. It was a strange week. Wasn't really much tennis being played.

You know, I think we feel good with what we're doing. Yeah, I think we are both really looking forward to Wimbledon.

Q. How much difference do you see with a home event, playing with Jamie, in terms of the support?
BRUNO SOARES: I mean, much better. I mean, I know playing home events, it's not easy. There is a lot going on off tennis. You do get a lot of the support when you're on court, which is very nice, but I also know that there is a lot going on off court, so it's not easy for the local guys.

It's no different from Jamie. He has a lot going on, a lot of stuff that he's got to do. It's good to manage that well and balance that. But every time we are on court, it's very nice for us. We had the chance to play together in Brazil, it was amazing, and every time we come here it's really nice.

Today was special day, winning such a big tournament and with a great crowd.

Q. Your mum said this morning that maybe one day you might play with Andy at Wimbledon. Is that something she'd like to see or would you fancy that?
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, I think one day we will probably try to play. I think, yeah, I think we'd probably quite like to. He's always said he'd like to, but whether he follows through or not, I don't know (smiling).

It would be cool I think when we're kind of more towards the end of our careers to have a go at it. I mean, still obviously now it's too difficult for him because singles is obviously a big priority, and physically it's so demanding. I imagine when he starts to get a bit older and level drops off a bit, we might have a go in the doubles one day. Yeah, for now, I'm happy with my partner (smiling).

I'm not rushing to call Andy up and ask him when he wants to play.

Q. Do you think the longer format at Wimbledon will help you?
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, I think so. Yeah, because I think we're one of the best teams. Over five sets, you know, the best team should win on that day. You know, we haven't won loads of tournaments together, but we have won two of the biggest ones. We had a decent run at Wimbledon last year. We lost to those guys in a long five-set match, really kind of exciting match.

Yeah, I think it suits the way we play, I think. We're not kind of sort of flashy players who, you know, smash the ball around for 20 minutes and all of a sudden they have won a set and you have to win a tiebreak. I think we are kind of a more solid team from start to finish with kind of less sort of peaks and troughs in our matches.

You know, I think that obviously bodes well for Grand Slams. Obviously it's long games, as well, is an advantage, which is great for us. Bruno is a great returner. He's getting all the important points, and we can make that kind of thing.

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