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June 25, 2017

Henrik Stenson

Munich, Germany

Q. It seems as though you will not defend your title here at BMW International Open.
HENRIK STENSON: I think we can be pretty sure about that.

Q. How far away were you from your personal one hundred per cent?
HENRIK STENSON: Quite far away, especially on the greens this week. Putter, been struggling with the blade and a couple of mistakes yesterday, especially on the back nine, I felt like that put me out of the mix really. I 3-putted on 11 for par, and that would have put me to 10-under with a birdie there. And maybe pick up one or two more coming in, I would have been 12-under starting the day. Instead I went backwards to 8.

Really the back nine yesterday was where I put myself out of the tournament and a chance to defend it.

Q. You played a lot of golf this year. How much role does the mind play, as well, because the pressure is always high since you've won at Troon, as well?
HENRIK STENSON: I don't think the pressure might be much higher. If anything, you're quite relaxed when you get your major championship that you've been longing for for a long time.

I think at times you're paying a price for a very long and hectic season last year with everything that comes with it. There's a lot of things to do off the golf course and that takes a lot of energy and focus away from the game. You see that a lot with players that win big things; it's hard to keep 100 per cent focus on the game and it's been a little bit the same for me. I'm not far away but I'm not playing my best, either.

Q. There are a couple of important tournaments coming up now. Which little details are you going to work on especially?
HENRIK STENSON: Well, I've struggled with the putting for a couple of weeks now, but that's been good most of the year. It's more the long game I don't have in the shape I want it to. Even though my bad is pretty decent, when you know how well you can strike the ball, you always want to try and get there.

So I've got some things to work on, and it's always like that with golf. It's never a game that you're going to perfect. If your putting is working play, you can be sure your bunker play or driver is not working as well as you want to. So it's always that constant battle to try to get everything working at the same time.

Q. Sum up your defence this week.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, it's not been a bad effort I guess. Disappointing back nine yesterday, really. That's where I put myself out of the mix. If I would have 2-putted the 11th for birdie and picked up one or two coming in, I would have been at 12-under and right in the mix starting today. Instead I went backpedalling a little bit.

It's always like that, when you're trying to force when it's not going your way, it's very easy that you make another bogey and that kind of happened on 16 yesterday. I went for the green, even though it's not my day and I end up making bogey instead.

Yeah, not a good week on the greens. Long game's been somewhat reasonable, I have to say, especially the last couple of days. We try and take the positives and you know, it could have been worse than 11-under I guess.

Q. You have two weeks off till Scotland and The Open. What are you going to do to prepare?
HENRIK STENSON: I'll be doing a little bit of practise but mainly recharging, spending time with the family back in Sweden, enjoying a bit of summer, even though the forecast weather-wise is not looking like much of a summer, and just try and get some energy and be fresh when we're heading into the Scottish. I'm going to spend some time at Birkdale before going to the Scottish Open and hopefully have a good defence at Royal Birkdale.

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