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June 24, 2017

Cheng-Tsung Pan

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Joined by CT pan. 70, 68, 64, does it feel like the game's getting that much better every day?
CT PAN: Yeah, I guess. My scoring is much better, and my first two rounds I hit it great, I putted well. But somehow I only managed two birdies a round. But this round today, it's great. I made six birdies, no bogeys, and hopefully I'll keep it going.

Q. Let's have a look at one or two of the highlights in the third round. The putt here on the third. Was the putting the key today to the birdies?
CT PAN: Yeah, pretty much everything. The course is tough out there. It's windy, so you've got to hit a really good drive and put yourself in a good spot for the second shot. Putting, obviously (inaudible).

Q. Interesting little chip there at the par-5. Got the ball on the ground very quickly. We don't often see that over here. Is that a stroke you use?
CT PAN: Yeah, yeah. I used 8-iron, I think, and I chased it all the way uphill like 20 yards, and it turned out pretty good.

Q. This is your rookie season on the TOUR. You've already had a second place finish. Do you feel ready to win on the PGA TOUR?
CT PAN: I guess I'll keep knocking on the door and one day see what happens. I'll do my best out there for sure.

Q. Your mother introduced you to the game. She was a caddie in Taiwan; is that correct?
CT PAN: Yeah, that's correct. She was a caddie. She was still working at the golf club, not caddying, that's too hard on her. But she works at a golf club. That's how I know golf, how I started, and get a free place to practice.

Q. 64 today to get right back in the mix, CT. Six birdies, no bogeys. Great playing out there?
CT PAN: Yeah, I played great. I felt my game was always there. I just need to create momentum and keep the momentum going. The first two rounds I hit it great, I putted well. But somehow I only managed two birdies a round, which is kind of how it is out here that you have to make a lot of birdies to put yourself in good position.

Q. How important that you played the back nine first, how important were those three birdies in a row, 11, 12, and 13?
CT PAN: Yeah, I guess I started with like a 15-foot par putts on the first hole. I made that one. That really kept me going, I guess. Then the second one on 11, I hit really close. Then the three birdies in a row definitely helped me.

Q. How do you feel about Sunday now at 8-under par?
CT PAN: It feels good. I mean, this is my first year. I keep telling myself if you just keep knocking on the door, one day will be your day. So this is something. This is a position I want to be, and something great I want to do.

Q. CT, a flawless round today to put together a 64. How'd you get it done?
CT PAN: I hit it straight. I hit a lot of fairways and hit a lot of good iron shots out there. Obviously I made a lot of putts out there. I had a pretty good tee time. My front nine, I was the first group off. My front nine was pretty quiet. It was not as windy as right now. So I was able to manage a few birdies in the first four holes and that kept me going.

Q. Your iron work is good today and yesterday too. You probably saw a few more drop today.
CT PAN: You know, nothing. I feel like I'm really comfortable out here with the greens. I felt well the last couple days, it's something that just the ball didn't drop. So I guess you just need to keep knocking on the door, and like today I made six birdies for the round and it was great.

Q. Not to get too far ahead of yourself. But on a course like this, when you put yourself in this position, what is the most important thing come Sunday?
CT PAN: Well, I guess tee shots are important out here. Like if you hit every fairway, you put yourself in a really good spot to attack. I think the greens are still kind of soft, so I'm expecting some low scores, even for this afternoon.

Q. Who was your hero as a golfer when you grew up?
CT PAN: Oh, well, obviously Tiger Woods. I mean, everyone loves him. It's fun watching him play and watching him winning tournaments. So he definitely is my hero.

Q. Your early tee time, it seems like you took advantage of the greens while they were still soft?
CT PAN: Yeah, I have to be honest, it was kind of quiet. It wasn't as windy as right now. So I mean, I made three birdies in the first four holes. That really helped me to get my mindset to keep the momentum going.

Q. Did the course start getting harder?
CT PAN: Oh, yeah, absolutely. I think the wind the last couple holes, the wind was blowing, I don't know, 15 miles per hour or maybe 20 almost, so obviously it was playing hard.

Q. Can you talk about the run of your last couple of events? You've been struggling a little bit. But trying to stay patient and end up where you are right now.
CT PAN: Yeah. The keyword, I guess, is just staying patient. There is not much you can do. You have to trust your game and trust yourself. I guess, trust your preparation out here. Sometimes it takes a while to happen, but you've just got to stay patient out here.

Q. Were you confident that any week you could do this? I mean, honestly, after the last couple weeks?
CT PAN: I feel my game's there. It's ready to -- I mean, I feel my game is there to be top 10, top 20, to give myself a good chance before the run. But just somehow I couldn't get the momentum going or the last couple months I've been making the average out here 2.5 birdies a round, and that doesn't work out here. You have to make a lot of birdies out here.

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