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June 23, 2017

Jim Furyk

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Jim, that seemed like a long day. 2-under par is pretty good score in these conditions?
JIM FURYK: It did seem like a long day. We waited quite a bit on the back nine. Conditions were just totally different today. Went out in the morning, not a lot of wind, not a lot of breeze yesterday, conditions were soft. You could attack. Our group made a ton of birdies. Left some out there as well.

Today, greens firmed up quite a bit. Breeze picked up. I felt like there were some very difficult pin placements. A lot of those downwind holes you had front pin placements. You really had to use your head out there and be patient. Sometimes the best you could do was 20 to 25 feet and kind of take what the course gives you. So I felt like I did a good job of that. You know, actually I feel like the round I shot today might have been a little better round than my 3-under yesterday.

Q. I thought your ball striking was very good. And the conditions, there were a few times you weren't rewarded, like 15 you hit a good ball off the tee, and it just caught a bad, bad bounce?
JIM FURYK: It got a touch left of where it needed to be, but I think it also hit on that down slope. That ridge, that short ridge, it slopes where you can kind of get a good kick on the left side. It wants to kick left. I think my ball was a touch left of the pin which it can't be, and it tumbled hard. So I was lucky to get out of there with a four. It really is a great short hole. I think it's probably my favorite drivable par-4 I played.

Q. We saw a heck of a chip shot on the green on 13. Take us through that creativity you had there?
JIM FURYK: You know, I asked Fluff walking up on the green if he thought that, hey, if I putt this, is there anyway I can get it close to the hole? I felt like the best I could probably do was six or seven feet. The more I sat there, the more break I played, the more by the hole I felt it would go.

So I mentioned about chipping it and landing it up on the flat. Hopefully, it didn't skid and a check and a dribble on the down there. It was maybe a little risky, but I had no other way to get the ball inside maybe six or seven feet, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Q. Worked out in your favor. You were telling me off camera, that hole and a couple holes on the back nine, the wind started to be a problem. How did you handle it?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, you had some downwind holes. 10 and 11, kind of the finish 15, 13, and 18, but a lot of those pins were in the front. It was hard to get the ball close to the hole. The difficult holes I thought were 12, 13, 14, right in your face. You have to hit good drives on 12 and 13. I got through those holes 1-over. I made a bogey at 12. Made some good, solid pars at 13 and 14, and I was able to make a birdie on the way in.

Q. The crowds are always amazing here at the Travelers Championship. How different was it coming back this year with the gallery after the 58 last year?
JIM FURYK: There's been a lot of support. Obviously having Rory in the group, a fan favorite. First time he's been here. Brian played great last week at the U.S. Open. So I think our group saw a lot of love. It was fun to see folks come out.

It's been fun to talk about the 58 and have folks ask about it, talk about it. You hear a lot of folks yelling "57." I feel like somewhere around 12 or 13 I probably got to 57 today. It's been good. It's been like coming back to a place where you've won in the past.

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