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September 22, 2001

Cameron Beckman


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Cameron for joining us for a few minutes. Pretty good round today. I know you're disappointed with one shot. Why don't you make a couple comments and then we'll go into some questions.

CAMERON BECKMAN: Okay. I'm a little disappointed with one shot today. It's hard to complain. It was -- Kevin and I had a great day. We just kind of fed off each other all day long and we just had a blast. We were both talking about it on 18, how much fun it was.

Q. Talk about that shot.

CAMERON BECKMAN: Well, it was 160. It's a perfect 8-iron and I hit it I chunked it. I hit it just a hair heavy. Kevin had 7-iron to go past it, and thinking back, maybe I should have hit 7. But I was hitting good at that point and wanted to keep it going, and it was kind of stupid to hit it.

Q. You came back with a birdie after that, as I recall. So obviously, you shook it off. What was the he mindset?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Well, you're -- inaudible -- I just told my caddy: "Let's try and make a few birdies coming in." And fortunately I birdied the next and that calmed me down again. But I bogeyed 17. I kept trying to make birdies. It's a lot easier to shake that off when you're playing well and you know you're still going to shoot a good score no matter what.

Q. With all of the terrorist attacks and the tragedy and the somber mood in America right now, do you react differently to that triple, do you think? Were you have been angrier?

CAMERON BECKMAN: No, I'm a pretty even-keeled type person. I don't usually get too out of whack when I'm playing golf. You mean, would I -- say that to me again?

Q. A lot of guys are saying that it's just golf and not getting as upset over bad shots, as maybe before.

CAMERON BECKMAN: You realize how lucky we are, and it's such a perfect perspective, I think, for golf. I feel so fortunate to be out here. I feel lucky.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Cameron, let's go through your round on your birdies and bogeys, starting on No. 2.

CAMERON BECKMAN: I chipped in on 2 from just off the back edge of the green. Then 3, I hit 3-wood just right in front. The pin was right on the front. Just an easy little chip. I chipped it close. The next hole, I parred. The par 3, I parred. The par 5, I hit it just to the right of the green in two and chipped up like that (indicating three feet) and made that. Next hole, 7, I had a pitching wedge like that. (Indicating one foot.) 9, I made about a 30-footer. Made a good putt across the green there. That really got me charged up because I was just trying to 2-putt that. 10, I hit it like that (indicating several inches). I hit 8-iron. 11, I hit it ten feet and made that. 12, I probably hit it eight feet and made that. 14, I chunked the 8-iron in the water and then I hit wedge on and 3-putted. The next hole --

Q. How far was the 3-putt?

CAMERON BECKMAN: It was 15 feet, probably. 15, I hit 9-iron about 15 feet and made that. 17, I hit it like about like that. (Indicating four feet.) I hit 5-iron.

Q. How do you prepare for tomorrow in big chance?

CAMERON BECKMAN: I haven't had much time to think about it, but this has been one of my major goals this year. My best finish out here is 10th. This year I've played consistently. This is my 20th cut. I wanted to have a chance to see how I play, learn from it, get better from it and have a chance with nine holes to play. I think if I keep playing the way I'm playing now -- I'm just playing golf, and I think I'll have a chance.

Q. Haven't you gone to Q-School like three times in a row?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah, I've got my card three years in a row.

Q. Where do you stand right now going into tomorrow in terms of keeping it in year?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Well, I've made 380,000. I don't know what it's going to take. I'd be comfortable with 450,000, probably, but who knows.

Q. 8-under through 12, did 59 creep in your mind at all?

CAMERON BECKMAN: I played some pretty good rounds at home lately. I've shot 61, 62 when I was home. My only thinking was, you know, if I was 8-under through 12 at home, I would be trying to shoot 59 and I was trying to, you know, imagine being at home when you're just playing for fun; what I would do if I was at home. I did a pretty good job of it.

Q. So you're saying that you sort of tried to pretend you were not at a major golf tournament?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Well, it wasn't so much that. It was I was trying to think the way I would be thinking if I was at home. Without getting tentative -- sometimes you get into that situation, you get tentative and try to --

Q. Protect?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Protect. That's a perfect word.

Q. Where do you play at home?

CAMERON BECKMAN: I was shooting at La Cantera, where we're playing next week. (Laughs). You don't have to write that, though.

Q. Do you think that you have an advantage now that you've finished this round, starting out tomorrow --

CAMERON BECKMAN: If you think about it, if the guys are finishing -- say I played today. I had a good start today and it kind of ran into the last 18 holes. So you could look at it both ways, I think. You know, somebody comes up tomorrow and birdies the last four holes, all of a sudden they are rocking and they are going in the right direction. But the first two rounds I played, we had the rain delay and next I had to play ten holes and go out early this morning. So it will be nice to just go about it and get up for my tee time.

Q. Where did you start this morning?


Q. Ten birdies in the third round. 61, 62 at home. What's the reason for you becoming a birdie machine?

CAMERON BECKMAN: A friend of mine gave me a putting lesson. I've struggled with my putting in the last month or so. I just feel so comfortable with it now and that I feel like I'm going to make it. When you start feeling like you're going to make them, you just know.

Q. What did he tell you?

CAMERON BECKMAN: I was sort of leaning on my left side. I'm almost trying to feel like I'm behind my -- staying behind my -- you know, like in a full shot you try to stay behind it. I'm almost trying to do that on my putter.

Q. How?

CAMERON BECKMAN: I have a tendency to kind of get over here (indicating ahead) and now I feel like I'm sort of behind the ball where I can see the line better.

Q. Who gave you the lesson?

CAMERON BECKMAN: A friend of mine at home. Aaron Bengoechea.

Q. What's he doing this year?

CAMERON BECKMAN: I think he's qualified for five or six Nike events and he's getting ready to go to Tour School.

Q. While you and Kevin were going along like this, did Jeff Hart say anything at all?

CAMERON BECKMAN: You know, just -- he's such a nice guy. It was just such a nice day to play golf.

Q. Did he say something like, "What's going on here?

CAMERON BECKMAN: He's quiet. He's a quiet guy. He played good, too. I think he shot 3-under or something, which is a good score on this golf course. Biteme

Q. Would you like to play with Kevin again tomorrow?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah, it would be fun. I don't think we're -- I don't know what the -- I guess we won't know.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Cameron for joining us.

End of FastScripts....

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