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June 22, 2017

Thomas Detry

Munich, Germany

Q. How do you feel about that 65?
THOMAS DETRY: Feeling great. Missed the last two cuts, didn't play last week and got some good rest, and got off to a bogey start. Then made two birdies right after that and I just got it going. I was playing some very good golf, hitting a lot of fairways and a lot of greens and making a few putts. I holed out from 85 yards away, something like that. I holed out with my 60-degree wedge. That was quite nice.

Q. Six birdies and an eagle. How difficult is it when you're in your first full season on Tour having to learn all these new courses for the first time?
THOMAS DETRY: Not easy. I get a lot of help from my caddie. Nice to get a little bit of help from Thomas Pieters, and Nico, as well. He tells me how to play it, where to miss it, where not to miss it and what to hit off the tee. It's very important to have those kind of advice to move on and to play some solid golf for the weekend.

Q. And on a golf course that you're getting to know, what's been the key to your success here?
THOMAS DETRY: I think a lot of fairways, because the rough is like sneaky, sneaky hard here. It's easy to mis-hit it a little bit and end up in the rough and can't really control it off the clubface. So I think hitting fairways is big, and yeah, just find some good momentum on the greens and off you go.

Q. So we are just getting to really know you now on Tour and we see you're well spoken of, and you're delivering, too. What's the biggest step you've learned from making The Challenge Tour to The European Tour?
THOMAS DETRY: Just stay patient. That's the first thing. I got a little impatient on The Challenge Tour, as well, but here you have to stay even more patient. Even though it doesn't go your way, you can make the cut and have a good weekend and finish in the Top-10. So you've got to stay patient.

Q. You're coming in here missing the first two cuts in a row, what's been the difference out there today?
THOMAS DETRY: Just I think last week, getting some good rest, practicing with my coach was very important. I got a little frustrated out on the course the weeks before, and yeah, that week of rest was just a new, fresh start right now, and it feels very good.

I knew I was playing some good golf, so I knew I was going to come and there we go, 7-under. It was great.

Q. What was the key out there? Just all around good game?
THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, all around good game. As I said, I felt comfortable the weeks before and there was nothing to worry about. I kept hitting a lot of fairways, making a few putts and then you get some momentum and you just build it up until you get to 7-under.

Q. Talk us through that 13th.
THOMAS DETRY: When I holed out, yeah. Off the tee it was downwind. I was in between driver and 3-wood. I was like, been hitting my driver very well, so just bust a driver down there. Had 80 metres to the flag and there was a little back ridge behind it, so I knew either land it pin-high or a little past. If it would have landed a little past, it would have come back and spun back maybe in the hole. Yeah, that's what it did. It landed in that back stop just behind the hole and spun back quite nicely.

Q. Liking the course a lot?
THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, good course. Pretty flat but very good course. You have some good tee shots out there and you have to hit a lot of fairways and the greens are fantastic.

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