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June 22, 2017

Tommy Fleetwood

Munich, Germany

Q. How was that?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, I played well all day. It's easy on a golf course where you know the scoring is going to be pretty low. When you know there's chances out there, it's easy -- but when it doesn't quite happen or you don't quite make the birdies, it's easy to lose patience or try and force it a little bit, and can you can't do that. As long as you hit it, the birdies should come.

Definitely after 9 when I had a good chance, I made birdies on 10,11, 12, and a couple there on 17, 18 there, they just came in bundles for me there. Yeah, 5-under is a great start.

Q. You were talking Tuesday about the jet-lag. Has that worn off yet?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Actually not too bad. I slept great on Tuesday night. Tuesday night I slept great. Monday night was a shocker and last night was all right. I felt fine. Felt fine all day today. Energy levels were good. I enjoyed it out there.

Q. What are the positives in the game and key points in the game today?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I had good control of my ball. My misses weren't very big misses at all. You know, I putted well. The greens weren't easy this afternoon, and especially when they are firming up, so they are crisping up a little bit later on in the day with all this sun and heat. Some are firm and some are soft. I think I recovered well after 13. Just a little lack of concentration or whatever you put it down to.

But 14, I made a really good par, after sort of a dodgy tee shot. Not a bad swing but just pulled it a bit. I finished strong. Overall I felt very in control of my ball and my swing. You know, 5-under is great start.

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