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June 18, 2017

Cameron Champ

Erin, Wisconsin

Q. Just talk about the week, what you gained from it, what you got out of it?
CAMERON CHAMP: Just a lot of confidence, really. This is a tough golf course out there today. I shot 4-under. I really didn't play bad. I hit one or two bad shots, but just couldn't get the birdie putts. I had four or five from 15 feet and couldn't get anything to go.

So, all around, the way I hit it off the tee, if I could manage that well, I can play well kind of anywhere. You know, I really showed the first few days I was flawless off the tee. Then the last two, I just got kind of squirrely on a few shots, and couldn't get the birdie putts to fall.

Q. That was the difference between round one, two, and three, the putting?
CAMERON CHAMP: Pretty much. I had some putts, but just nothing was going in. So the first two rounds, I had four or five birdies each round (wind). I had three or four on the back side. That's kind of why I wasn't able to, I guess, (wind).

Q. You came here on Monday or whatever the day was, what were your expectations, and how have they been fulfilled at this point?
CAMERON CHAMP: I just want to be in the hunt to be low Am. That was my only expectation, really. And I did that. Like I said, me and Scottie are good buddies, so I'm happy for him. I wish I could be up there myself, but I'm happy for him. I did my best, but I came up a little short.

Q. You made some good fans here this week. Where are they going to be able to see you play next?
CAMERON CHAMP: I'm playing amateurs all summer, and I'm playing U.S. Amateur this year. So I'll be there in the summer and start my senior year.

Q. (Inaudible)?
CAMERON CHAMP: It just gave me more confidence, really. Probably the best I've driven the hole. Here you have to, the fairways are wide, but they're really not because you get so much hole out. You hit the back side with the cut, and I think that's just really gave me a lot of confidence there. For me, if I can drive it off the tee, just the confidence flows everywhere else.

Q. You haven't played in a U.S. Amateur before?
CAMERON CHAMP: I have not, no.

Q. What are you expecting going into that?
CAMERON CHAMP: I'm excited it's Riviera. I've always seen it, I've heard a lot about it. Obviously U.S. Ams are always set up really firm and hard. So I don't know much about the course, but I'm just kind of excited to be there.

Q. How does this week help boost your confidence going into that?
CAMERON CHAMP: Oh, huge, huge. It took me a while to just finally get to a tournament like this. Whether it is the U.S. Open or U.S. Am or anything like that. I've had some injuries holding me up for a while there, but just to be able to qualify for this the way I did and play the way I did, it just boosts my confidence way up.

Q. This is your first USGA Championship since the U.S. Junior in 2010, I believe?
CAMERON CHAMP: That's correct, yes.

Q. Was it as difficult this time as it was then?
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, U.S. Junior, I remember, was pretty hard. I played good there too. I think I lost the first match, but, yeah.

Q. How important is it to be here on Father's Day and honoring your dad and granddad and the story behind it?
CAMERON CHAMP: Oh, it's great. It's one of the best Father's Day presents, I think. I wish I could have gotten low Am, but, yeah, just to qualify for my first U.S. Open. I have my family and friends here. So that's great.

Q. What is best memory you think you'll leave from here with?
CAMERON CHAMP: Oh, obviously just my family here, but I think that first tee shot on the third day. That's something I'll remember. Just teeing off and all the love I got from everyone, it was just kind of first for me being in the spotlight, or whatever you want to call it.

But, yeah, that was fun. And then to have my best friend caddie for me, that was good. Calmed me down, made it fun. Sometimes I get down on myself, and then you realize it's a U.S. Open and not just playing in another Am event. That's what I take most from it.

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