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June 17, 2017

Tommy Fleetwood

Erin, Wisconsin

Q. Little hiccup at the end, but otherwise a stellar round of golf.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It was a good save, though. It was a good bogey. Yeah, I mean it was a really good round of golf. Until you start talking about it -- I mean, when you play you don't think about it too much, especially in two balls when it's a nice flow to the game. But talking about it, I realized that I really hardly missed a shot. I did feel very comfortable with my swing. But that 5th shot on 18 was the best shot of the day.

Q. Given the way the back nine sets up, are you expecting a lot of fireworks tomorrow, especially a couple of par-5s, maybe a drivable par-4?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, I mean today it was scorable. It was very scorable. 14 and 15, particularly.

And 12, if you got the tee shot a ways, it was quite a nice hole into the green.

11, the pins have been nice the last couple of days. So there is birdie chances, big time. You have longer irons on the front nine. And then there might be a few birdie chances on the back nine.

But 15, I got a massive break. If I'd have been two yards either way, I would have been stuck. I just happened to be in the perfect spot. So you have to be careful. It's all right going for everything, but the course will catch you out easily.

14, I was in the perfect spot in the bunker. Actually you could be 40-foot left of that pin and find it hard to keep on the green. You can go for them and everything, but the course is still there to bite. Just a lot of people didn't get bitten today.

Q. It's been relatively calm all week. The wind is going to blow tomorrow and it may play more like a U.S. Open. Does that favor you a little bit?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Happy if it blows. I mean I don't mind either way. The course is probably nicer to play without the wind. But if it does blow, then it will -- you'll definitely have to play proper golf. And it will play a lot tougher.

I'll have to wake up in the morning and see the conditions. The course has obviously missed the wind scoring-wise, if the wind blows it makes it a much different golf course. So I'm sure that the wind will stop scoring, as low as it has been. But still good shots are still prevail, if you hit them.

Q. What would winning mean tomorrow?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Well, it would change my life, I know that. But, no, I've pictured winning the U.S. Open a lot of times before. Doing it all night is not going to help and not make any difference. It's just concentrate on each day as it comes.

Today I felt really good, played really well. If I have to wake up with the same feelings tomorrow if I'm going to have a chance. Hopefully I do. I'll take it one step at a time.

Q. What is your mindset going into tomorrow?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Just the same. I don't think I could -- I don't think I could play any different or score any better than I have done. And you can't do anything about what anybody else is doing. If somebody shoots 9-under tomorrow in the top few then I'll have to shoot 10, I guess. But you can't do anything about that stuff. I've just got to keep going.

This is my first time in contention in a major, so whatever happens I'll be doing my best and seeing how well I can finish. And that's not -- that's all you can do. But it will be a pleasure to go out on a Sunday trying to win a major.

Q. Will you speak to Justin tonight?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I'll see. I don't know. I'll wait for his text. But, yeah, it would be great to follow in his footsteps. He's a good role model for English golf:

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