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June 17, 2017

Russell Henley

Erin, Wisconsin

RUSSEL HENLEY: Yeah. I made kind of a tough par-putt there. I was feeling nerves, just starting out the day. And from then on I just played pretty steady. I had a nice save on 3. I hit it in the rough and hit it to a couple of feet and saved par there. I felt like I was playing really well the first 7 holes and just didn't make any birdies, just made all pars, and then hit one close on 8. If I made a couple more putts it could have been a little lower. But I hit it great. I hit a lot of fairways. 16 out of 18 greens, so I'm hitting it well.

Q. Talk about, we're seeing low numbers, Justin particularly low today. Talk about the way the course is playing.
RUSSEL HENLEY: With the rain, I guess they got nine-tenths of an inch last night. I think just the softer fairways makes the fairways wider. And I think that the greens being so perfect and receptive you can be a little more aggressive than on a normal U.S. Open course. Obviously they would like it to be firmer, but with all the rain it's softer. And someone that hits it long like Justin can take advantage of the holes and have shorter irons in. I think the greens are great. And if they're receptive you're going to see low scores. Tomorrow should be windier, so we'll watch and see what happens.

Q. Especially that back nine, did that give you momentum, confidence going into tomorrow?
RUSSEL HENLEY: Yeah, it was good. No. 10 is the longest par-4 I've ever played. I hit the best drive I could hit, and hit a 3-iron from actually it's like a 2-iron from 240 and then made the putt. That was one of the best holes I've ever played. And from then on I gave myself great looks on the back nine.

I was in trouble on the par 5, 14. And I got myself out and made a putt for par. And other than that I hit it well, gave myself looks and rolled in a couple. A steady nine. A lot of fairways and a lot of greens.

Q. You're right in the thick of it on a Sunday at the U.S. Open, your mindset going into tomorrow?
RUSSEL HENLEY: Just patience. I didn't get off to a hot start by any means. But I shot 1-under and 2-under the first two days, playing really well in a little windier conditions. I'm playing real well, and I have to be patient. Worrying about what anybody else is doing is the last thing I need to do. I need to hit the best shot I can hit on No. 1, and see where it takes me.

Q. Having no bogeys, is that because of your patience?
RUSSEL HENLEY: I think so. Tim Clark has been somebody that helped me a lot with my game. He talked to me this week about the only thing I can do is do the best I can on every shot. As cliche as that is, when you're in a major and there's emotion and adrenaline and you want to play good really bad, and you watched guys playing in the U.S. Open when you were growing up. I keep reminding myself to do the best I can, one shot at a time, and it's led me here. That's what I'm going to try to keep doing.

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