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June 17, 2017

Justin Thomas

Erin, Wisconsin

Q. Justin, was it the pink pants?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Whatever it was, I'm happy with it.

Q. The numbers were out there. You have a 63, what does that mean?
JUSTIN THOMAS: That means I'm a part of history. It means I have a lot better chance to win the tournament than I did when the day started. I mean, it's all pretty self-explanatory, I guess, in terms of what it means. But just for me, I felt like I've been playing pretty well all week, and didn't have quite the numbers to show for it. Obviously, today I definitely had something to show for it.

Q. Talk about the round. You got off to birdie-birdie start. Great momentum to get going. Was that a big confidence booster?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, if you hit good tee shots on 1 and 2 with the wind we had today, I felt like with the soft conditions, you need to at least get one of them with good tee shots. So to make both was obviously great. But that 6-iron I hit into 3 was one of the best shots I've hit today. That ball is way above my feet. I had 204 in and off the left wind. You need to make sure you get it up there but not too far. And I just pured the 6-iron right at it. You know, that's something to where a lot of people would just be like that's another shot I made par. But I don't know. Something about that shot kind of calmed me, and it made me very comfortable for the day.

Q. Second shot on 18, take us through your thoughts. What did you think right after you hit it?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I knew I hit it really well. I had 310 hole, but it was downwind to where I knew if I hit it solid, I could definitely get it there. But I knew my miss, if I hit it off the bottom or got spiny, it was going to be in those front bunkers, which was fine. That was perfect.

That's all Jimmy and I were trying to do is give ourselves a best chance to make a 4. Make 4, get out of there and post a great number those things are bonuses, you know? I wouldn't have been able to do that without that rain last night. So I guess I'm thankful for that.

Q. Jonathan said that he wasn't sure you knew what that putt, last putt was for, the score exactly.
JUSTIN THOMAS: I didn't know. I mean, I knew what it was score-wise. I knew it was for 63. You've got leaderboards everywhere, and for the most part you usually have an idea what you're doing.

I told Jimmy walking up there once I found out we had a putt, I said let's try to become a part of history here. He said, yeah, let's do it. But I had no idea in terms of 9-under being the best in the U.S. Open.

Q. In your bag it looked like you were looking to see how much your arms were shaking?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, I'm hungry. So I was -- honestly, I was a little mad at myself because I could feel I was hungry on 14 and 15, I didn't have anything. I just get a little shaky and jittery on putts, and that's what happened on 15. Then I was so mad at myself for that. So I could feel a little bit again, but I just wanted to calm myself and just try to relax over that putt.

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