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June 16, 2017

Russell Henley

Erin, Wisconsin

Q. How is it different now than it was when you first got here today?
RUSSELL HENLEY: From this morning?

Q. Yeah.
RUSSELL HENLEY: The wind is changing a little bit. I think that's the biggest difference, and the ball is going a lot farther. This morning it was a little cooler and the ball wasn't going quite as far.

But the greens on the front nine, which is my second nine, seemed to not be crazy firm. I don't know how it's going to change in the afternoon, but they played pretty consistent most of the day.

Q. Is this the way you want to see this course?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yes, I do want to see it fast and firm. I feel like the faster and firmer it is, the better golf is going to be at the top of the leaderboard. Every part of the game is important when it's -- the firmer and harder it is. So I think that's the way this course is designed to be played. And I think it will be a lot of fun if it does.

Q. How was the wind directionally compared to yesterday?
RUSSELL HENLEY: It was blowing harder yesterday afternoon. And I guess it's kind of changed back to where it was yesterday afternoon.

This morning, No. 1 was into the wind. So the wind has changed a little bit. Yeah, it was probably just a little bit harder yesterday.

Q. Do you have a feel for what a good score will be today?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I think under par is pretty good. I think I missed one fairway and shot 2-under. So I think if you have some length, for instance, like Harris who played with me, you can get it over some of the corners and give yourself a short iron in, it makes a big difference compared to hitting a 6- or 5-iron in. So, yeah, I think some length is important, too.

Q. If you can describe what makes the U.S. Open different from anything else, how would you describe it?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I would say the penalty for a bad shot is way worse than any other tournament.

For instance, No. 9 is a wedge. It's a par-3 wedge down the hill. But if you're three paces past the hole, it goes in the bunker, and it's small, and you have an almost impossible bunker shot.

No. 18, if you're five paces past that pin, it goes down the slope.

Your misses have to be a lot better, and you can't hit a shot way, way off line or you're going to get penalized. You can probably get away with that on some other events.

Q. Was it different than yesterday?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I think yesterday afternoon was a little bit firmer than it was this morning. But in terms of the wind, we had a little different wind this morning, but the main thing is it's a little softer.

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