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June 16, 2017

Brendan Steele

Erin, Wisconsin

Q. Does it feel more like a U.S. Open today?
BRENDON STEELE: Yeah, it felt like the U.S. Open yesterday. No, it's great. I think the course is awesome. It's a fun test. It's different than when you think of a traditional U.S. Open. It's a bit more traditional U.S. Open course, and long, traditional rough. But it definitely feels like a U.S. Open.

Q. How do you compare the two days in terms of setup conditions?
BRENDON STEELE: I thought they were fairly similar. The greens were still receptive this morning. Maybe they'll firm up this afternoon, since we haven't had rain for a couple of days now. But I thought everything played really nice. The greens were rolling really smooth. And if you're in the fairway, then you can attack. And if you're not in the fairway then you're going to struggle.

Q. Did it help you to go off late yesterday and early today?
BRENDON STEELE: I think that's always better at any major or any tournament, but especially a U.S. Open. It's good to play late on Thursday and early on Friday.

Q. What surprised you the most about the golf course?
BRENDON STEELE: Just how bad the fescue is, if you get in that stuff. I heard it was bad. I knew it was bad. The fairways are wide. But if you hit a bad shot you're going in that stuff. Or some of the bunkers, and the bunkers are a one-shot penalty, too. They're very steep. You get a lot of lies that aren't very good. So anytime you're not in the fairway, you're in a lot of trouble.

Q. Did that happen to you at all today?
BRENDON STEELE: Yeah, I haven't driven it very well for the last two days. I started the week feeling like I was swinging it great. My iron play has been pretty good. If I had a chance I made a birdie, otherwise I hit it in the fescue and made a bogey. It's one or the other. I need to eliminate that.

Q. How do you think the course is going to play tomorrow?
BRENDON STEELE: The greens will stay receptive with some rain. So the course will still be pretty good. Obviously the wind could be more of a factor, I think, with the storm. And Sunday it may be even more windy than tomorrow.

We don't do a whole lot of adjusting, you've got to take every shot as it comes. You have to adjust on the fly. There's not a lot you can do to prepare for it.

Q. Do you feel you've taken a more aggressive approach than at other U.S. Open venues?
BRENDON STEELE: Yeah, sure. Probably just because the greens are fairly soft. Although the two other Opens I've played have been soft. The one at Merion, you have to be aggressive because the course is so long. So you have to hit a lot of drivers. You don't really have the luxury of hitting 2-iron in the fairway and 7-iron into the green. You have to smash driver and hope you're not in the junk and go from there. But if you're in the fairway, you can definitely be pretty aggressive.

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