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June 15, 2017

Roberto Diaz

Erin, Wisconsin

Q. Thoughts on your round today.
ROBERTO DIAZ: I thought it was a very good round, although I was pretty nervous at the beginning. I held it together pretty good.

And then I hit a couple really good shots on 4, driver and the second shot were very good and I think that's where my round started to get better and better. And I ended up the round pretty strongly at the end.

Q. When did you get here?
ROBERTO DIAZ: I got here Sunday.

Q. So how close were you looking at the weather forecast?
ROBERTO DIAZ: Not very. I mean, I got to start looking at the weather probably on Wednesday morning, Tuesday night. Sunday and Monday I didn't look because it changes, it varies a lot. So maybe Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, and then closely on Wednesday afternoon.

Q. You prepared yesterday as if the forecast looks good, there's a really good chance I'm getting in or what was your mindset yesterday?
ROBERTO DIAZ: No, I thought Phil was going to come. I always did. I think he was going to somehow pull it off. But I didn't want to put my hopes up and then see my hopes go down. But I was preparing not to play, too. I prepared the whole week to play. But I was prepared not to play.

Q. At what point this week did you feel that it was probable that you would play?
ROBERTO DIAZ: I think Tuesday night it was at 50 percent. And I saw Scottie walking Wednesday and I figured he was a for sure that he was going to come. So when I saw his caddie, I thought he was definitely coming. So I mean my hopes were down, for sure.

Q. How many practice holes did you play?
ROBERTO DIAZ: I played nine on Monday, 18 on Tuesday. I think I played five and a half yesterday, we got the storm.

Q. Did you feel like you could play well today?
ROBERTO DIAZ: Yeah, I mean this course, obviously it's very long and I'm not a big hitter. But I think you have to be pretty accurate, too, the greens being as soft as they played today I thought I had a chance because I could hit long irons and stuff into the greens. So, yeah, I thought that if I could come I would play well.

Q. When did you get the official word this morning?
ROBERTO DIAZ: Around 7:00 in the morning.

Q. Did you go back to sleep?
ROBERTO DIAZ: I went back to sleep until like 9:30, and then I worked out and got to the course around 12:00.

Q. When did the nerves start?
ROBERTO DIAZ: As soon as I walked to the first tee.

Q. Obviously you were excited when you get the official word?
ROBERTO DIAZ: Yeah, I was very excited, yeah.

Q. Where would you classify this experience today?
ROBERTO DIAZ: No. 1 in my career, for sure. Playing with Steve Stricker was amazing. Hometown hero, the crowds were unbelievable, the first tee was amazing. Yeah, I think it was a good -- really good experience.

Q. You get a phone call at 7:00 from the USGA?
ROBERTO DIAZ: No, I was here. I got here at 6:15 in the morning.

Q. You said you went back to sleep.
ROBERTO DIAZ: I went here, got the news at 7:00 and went back to bed.

Q. You were able to go back to bed and go back to sleep after you got the news?

Q. Were you eating breakfast or warming on the range at 6:15?
ROBERTO DIAZ: Eating breakfast.

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