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June 15, 2017

Cameron Champ

Erin, Wisconsin

Q. Nice round for you today, probably about the best birthday gift you could have gotten?
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, not too bad to shoot 70 out here. Kind of got off to a good start. Had some putts going, had some good par saves. On the back, got a little squirrely on 1. Hit a great drive and had about 240 and put my second shot in the hazard, made bogey. Bounced back on the next hole. Just came out of the stretch just kind of missed a few. 5, missed the four-footer, missed it on 7.

So, yeah, I hit it super well off the tee. That's all I wanted to do really. If you hit it off the tee well you can score, especially with the conditions today. So I did that pretty well.

Q. How many drivers did you hit out of the 14 holes?
CAMERON CHAMP: A lot. I was just being aggressive. Probably the best I've hit my driver, honestly.

Q. That's saying something.
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, every hole I'm not holding back. I'm just going to keep hitting it.

Q. You led the field in driving distance average, did you know that? 340, 349.
CAMERON CHAMP: Oh, that's crazy. I didn't know that. That's funny.

Q. Did you think you could do something like that?
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I knew I was long, but obviously I haven't been on the radar and played well in the events I've been getting the opportunity to, yeah.

Q. Any special plans tonight for your birthday?
CAMERON CHAMP: Nothing, probably. Just a regular dinner with family and friends and my caddie's family. Just go back and go to sleep and get ready for tomorrow.

Q. There are more amateurs under par than there are Top 10 players in the world. What's that say about amateur golf, especially the amateurs that are here?
CAMERON CHAMP: The amateurs that are here are great players, obviously, Scottie. And I think my class and the amateurs coming up are just getting better and better, especially guys that are turning pro this year, like Sam Burns, and a few of the other guys. Maverick, if he does. Yeah, it's just a really good group of younger guys coming out. It should be exciting.

Q. What is the best compliment you've gotten out here from a PGA TOUR player so far? Ernie Els was saying some stuff.
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I hit a drive on 18 probably 40, 50 feet by him. He said, "Who hit that?" And playing with Rory and Louis. Louis was a funny guy. I don't think he was expecting it. It was all jokes and fun.

Q. What does it mean to you to have (Indiscernible) overcome those, and go through local and sectional and get here and perform the way you did?
CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, it means a lot. This year is my first year I've been fully healthy. Just to play a full season, I think it kind of showed in the spring I started to get things going again. As I got through locals and sectionals, I kind of got hot there. And obviously today playing really well on this tough golf course. So I think it's just me being fully healthy, it gives me the best chance to play well.

Q. Does your goal change now that you opened 2-under? Does it change?
CAMERON CHAMP: No, it doesn't change. I'm going to just keep playing how I played. Today I let a few go, but it's going to happen to you out here. I'm going to just keep driving it well and take advantage of the par-5s. I think I'll do pretty well out here.

Q. You turn 22 today?

Q. Happy birthday.

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