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June 12, 2017

Sarfraz Ahmed

Cardiff Wales Stadium, Cardiff

Pakistan won by 3 wickets

Q. Sarfraz, congratulations. Well played. You played very well, but you got your team out of a hole. Your bowling is looking good. The openers are looking good. The middle order looks to be a problem.
SARFRAZ AHMED: First of all, thanks to almighty Allah. I think it's a great win today, and credit goes to the bowlers today. They bowled really well at a crucial time. We took wickets today and upped the batting order. Especially Fakhar Zaman, he played really well. Yeah, a little bit concern about the middle order batting. Definitely we're sitting down tomorrow, and we'll sort out the problems.

Q. Sarfraz, where does the innings from you stand in important innings you've played in your career?
SARFRAZ AHMED: Yes. Definitely, as a captain, it's very important innings for me. After this innings, I'm really boosted up and hopefully we will do well in the future.

Q. What was going through your mind when you saw the ball lobbing straight into Perera's hands at mid-on?
SARFRAZ AHMED: You know, that time I didn't see the hand of Malinga, and when I played the shot in the air, I just said, ooh -- (laughter). But thanks to Allah -- you know, thanks to Allah today. Allah helped us a lot today that Pakistan win today.

Q. You'll play England. How would you rate how they've been playing, and what have you seen that makes you think you can perhaps beat them?
SARFRAZ AHMED: Are you talking about the England team?

Q. Yes.
SARFRAZ AHMED: England is a very good team, a very, very good team. They've been playing really good cricket for the last two years. If you're playing a world class team, definitely, you play more positive cricket against England. So definitely, we will do against England more positively.

Q. And you have some history with them, playing here last year?
SARFRAZ AHMED: No, we have no issue, I think.

Q. No, you played against them here.
SARFRAZ AHMED: Yeah, we played against here. Last time we played almost full series here. We played last ODI here. We win that time, we chased 300, so definitely our confidence very high playing in Cardiff.


Edited by Mary G

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