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June 2, 2017

Ali Aguilar

Taran Alvelo

Morganne Flores

Heather Tarr

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma - 3, Washington - 1

HEATHER TARR: Tough ballgame for us. Wasn't our best defensive outing, and we're a solid defensive ballclub.

Offensively we didn't really get anything going as we normally have, but you know, give a little credit to Paige Parker. She threw some good pitches at times. That play at home, Morganne (Flores) went after that bunt with two outs. First -- I'll have to look back at the film. I don't even know if it was fair or foul, but I thought it was a good instinct given the case. She saw the runner coming right at her, to try to pick it up and just take the easy out there, but the runner found a way to avoid the tag, and unfortunately they scored first.

But you know, that wasn't the game. I thought Taran (Alvelo) threw well enough to win, just collectively as an offense we can be better. We can be tougher, and we'll be tougher.

Q. Morganne, could you talk us through your version, what you saw with the bunt in the second inning?
MORGANNE FLORES: Yeah, I just picked up the bunt, saw her coming at me, and you know, like Coach Tarr said, just my instincts, I wanted to tag her. She just fooled me going around me. That's pretty much it.

Q. Were you surprised how far inside she came?
MORGANNE FLORES: Yeah, I wasn't expecting it. I thought she was a little far outside of the baseline, but that's not my call, that's the umpire's call, and I can't control that.

Q. What did the umpire tell you about that play at the plate? Was it just that she was still inside the baseline?
HEATHER TARR: Yeah, the reason that she wasn't out of the baseline is she said she was within three feet of the baseline.

Q. Heather, you said it wasn't one of the best defensive outings. What do you think contributed to that? Was it nerves or something else?
HEATHER TARR: Just like when the team put the ball in play, it puts pressure on your defense. Ground balls are outs, and we're supposed to make those outs, and we didn't.

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