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June 3, 2017

Lindsey Cargill

Sydney Christensen

Glenn Moore

Gia Rodoni

Kelsee Selman

Kyla Walker

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oregon - 7, Baylor - 4

GLENN MOORE: Well, let me first open by saying how proud I am of the fight this team has, and anybody that followed us throughout the postseason knows this team doesn't quit. They're a gritty bunch with a lot of talent.

But we dug ourselves in a hole once again, and you just can't do that this time of year and expect to keep coming out of it. It's going to bite you eventually, and we didn't play clean ball this tournament. But we had our moments, and we kept fighting.

You know, I'm just -- at the beginning of the year, not many people thought we had -- I think we were voted to finish fourth in the Big 12, so this team overcame a lot, and they became a dang good team, very respected by everybody across the country, and it was because of hard work and paying the price and getting to this point. But it's great to be in the World Series. It's the first time for us not to win a game in the World Series, so that's difficult to deal with, but we're here and a lot of people aren't. Very proud of this bunch.

Q. Glenn, bottom of the seventh, bases loaded, you probably liked the lineup you had coming up. What did you think about that?
GLENN MOORE: Well, you can't draw it up any better than that if you put yourself in the position we were in, but we fought back and gave ourselves a chance to win it, and I kept seeing -- with this team, I've seen it so many times, I just kept believing that a ball was about to leave the park and we were going to have a walk-off, but it didn't happen. I can't remember her name, came in -- (Miranda) Elish came in and devastated us with that changeup and beat some good hitters.

Q. Lindsey, I know it's emotional right now, but can you even find the words to sum up your years at Baylor and what it means to you?
LINDSEY CARGILL: I can say that this program has taught me a lot for the future. It's very emotional right now because I am so proud of every single team that I've played on during my four years, and this year has been awesome just with this team, and I've learned a lot from Coach Moore and the coaching staff, and I'm just excited to see what the future has for them, and that's it.

Q. Kyla, can you talk about the way -- obviously y'all are almost passing the bat there in the seventh, and even in I guess it was the fifth when y'all got it going. Talk about both of those rallies and how y'all had it going.
KYLA WALKER: Ever since Arizona throughout the Super Regionals we've tried to stay more calm and collected. I think we stayed calm today. Even though we went down, we were still in this game. We believe in each other that -- we went down in like the third, fourth inning so we still had so many at-bats that we could turn around, and even at Arizona we were down but we still had three more at-bats so we could turn it around, and we did, so I still believed that we could.

Q. Coach, how important has Lindsey Cargill been to this program?
GLENN MOORE: She's a bar setter. You're only as strong as your weakest link they say, but everybody is trying to live up to her standards. She never showed up for a practice that she didn't give 100 percent when nobody was looking. She's unbelievably passionate about this game. But Lindsey is bigger than just softball, too. She came to school, and I didn't know how she'd do academically, quite honestly, and she ended up graduating early, about to get her masters, Academic All-American, so I'm proud of that kid for more reasons than just softball, but she certainly left this program, as you would love to do, in better shape than she found it, and it was in pretty good shape when she found it.

Q. Gia, did you ever feel like you got into much of a groove today, and was the rain tough to deal with, also?
GIA RODONI: I didn't feel like the rain bothered me much. We had to deal with it when we played Northwestern State, so I've dealt with it before. It was just a good offense I was going against, and I knew it would be tough, and they just got the better of me today.

Q. Sydney, they had no-hit you for four innings. You hadn't even had an at-bat. Talk about getting on, and I guess that kind of started to maybe -- Taylor getting on before you, but kind of getting that rally going with a big hit.
SYDNEY CHRISTENSEN: Yeah, Taylor got hit, and I just wanted to fight for my seniors. Really close with all four of them, and I didn't want it to be their last game, and I really didn't think of it being a no-hitter until I got the hit, and all I was up there for, I was up there for my seniors, and I wanted to fight for them.

Q. Kelsee, how disappointed are you in the season coming to an end as well as not being able to play LSU?
KELSEE SELMAN: I mean, I'm really disappointed. Of course I didn't want the season to end. I mean, of course I want a national championship. I mean, I really wanted to play LSU. I really wanted to pitch against them. But God has bigger plans. Yeah, it's really disappointing and sad.

Q. Kelsee, you managed to keep Oregon pretty much at bay once you came in, but then in the seventh was there a certain pitch that (Mia) Camuso got a hold of or one you didn't throw like you wanted?
KELSEE SELMAN: No, she had really good at-bats. I think that was her third at-bat off of me. I think it was. I just think that she battled really hard. She's a tough out. I mean, I threw a rise ball to her and I threw like three in a row but I had a 3-2 count so I was just trying to get her to pop up somewhere, and it didn't turn out the way I wanted it, but she's a good hitter, so I was just trying my best to get her out, and to trust my defense, but it's hard when the falls hit like that.

Q. Lindsey, I know you already talked about it, but was Kentucky in your mind that y'all kept coming back?
LINDSEY CARGILL: Yeah. I thought about that, yeah, of course, but I knew that this team could fight, and always when I think back to Kentucky -- and I reminded them actually, like hey, we've done this before, we can do it, and I thought we could do it because we're fighters up there. Our whole team, yeah.

Q. Coach, can you just reflect back on your four seniors? You talked about Lindsey a little bit, but can you reflect back on everything they've done?
GLENN MOORE: You know, we graduated a class that was the most productive in school history last year, so they had to take the reins, and from that and all those accolades, and they did a great job of kind of taking this team when it was in a rebuilding type year. I hate to use that. But it was a lot of unknowns. These games are won in the fall. They're won over the summer, and it's about leadership and how they can guide a team to get better. There's a lot of talented teams out there, and the teams with the best leadership are the ones that are committed to working the hardest in the offseason. They're going to gain the advantage if they're fairly equally talented, and I think we surpassed a lot of teams that were maybe even more talented than us because of them.

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