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May 28, 2017

Madison Brengle

Paris, France

M. BRENGLE/J. Goerges

1-6, 6-3, 13-11

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. If you win 13-11 in the third, it's not a good way to stay under the radar.
MADISON BRENGLE: Yeah. It was exciting.

Q. What was it like going to double digits? I'm guessing it's your first time. I think so.
MADISON BRENGLE: I think you're right. Yeah. No. It was cool.

I mean, I think it was a bit of an advantage that I was serving, like, ahead. I don't know. What's the right way to put -- yeah, first, I guess, because she was serving so well. Like, she was holding quite easily up until that last one. And I had match point earlier, and I kind of botched that.

But, anyway, I'm really happy to get there. It was exciting.

Q. What is it like to kind of play through once it gets into extra innings? I mean, do you reset? You know, because there's no finish line, like, the way that there's a set.
MADISON BRENGLE: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Q. So what is your mentality? How did you get through that?
MADISON BRENGLE: I feel like I just played -- like, when it started getting so late, I just played each game as is. Does that kind of make sense? You're like one game, and then almost as its own little thing and then you move on to the next round because -- I don't know. It was getting so long and, like, she was holding quite easily through some of those games, and it felt like it was so close yet so far. So, yeah, I was trying to just focus on each game as it was.

Q. On a different topic, have you thought about the fact that you might be the last player to ever beat Serena? What was your thought when she -- because you're going to have that record for a while at least.
MADISON BRENGLE: I'm pretty sure she's going to come back. Yeah, so I haven't even actually thought about it that much, no. I hope she comes back. She's great for tennis. I really would love her to come back.

Q. How do you kind of manage stress levels during matches?
MADISON BRENGLE: I was about to say, like, wine (laughter).

Q. You and me both.
MADISON BRENGLE: What are you talking about? During the match?

Q. Yeah, during matches. When it gets tight, it seems like sometimes you kind of defuse the situation a little bit. Other times you can get a little tense.

Q. How do you manage it?
MADISON BRENGLE: I can feel it, like, when my shoulders start going up and up and up and up. I'm trying to, like, lower my shoulders and take a couple deep breaths. I feel like it helps me to not look at the other side of the court. I kind of keep on my side of the court and kind of become self-contained, and I feel like that helps me.

Q. You had a really good run on green clay in the U.S.
MADISON BRENGLE: Oh, yeah, some great courts.

Q. Were you surprised? I don't think clay has ever been your favorite surface. So your winning -- I don't know if you maybe disagree with that.
MADISON BRENGLE: I won two tournaments in a row, so that's cool.

Yeah, it was good. I'd had a bit of a difficult thing happen. My grandmother had a stroke, so I had to drop out of a tournament, and I went home and I got to spend some time with my family.

And after spending some time with my family, I feel like it maybe put my priorities -- like, I realized what is important and I kind of calmed down a little bit. And my mom came with me to a tournament, like, right after so it was nice just having some family there.

So I won the tournament in Osprey last year, so that was on clay. But that was at home and it almost doesn't feel like a tournament because it was at home.

I don't mind playing green clay, yeah.

Q. Red different, though?
MADISON BRENGLE: It's different, though, and it can, like, ruin your clothes. I mean, that's always -- yeah.

Q. If I could ask, Madison, how did your grandmother's setback change things for you in terms of hitting a tennis ball?
MADISON BRENGLE: I mean, it doesn't change anything for hitting a tennis ball, but it just -- I feel, like, sometimes we can get a little bit too caught up in this, like, tennis world. So it's a traveling bubble. And kind of realizing what is important and, like, family is, obviously, so, so important. And getting to sit down and talk to her and just spend more time with her and, yeah, you realize that this is kind of -- this is not the be-all, end-all. Sometimes it can really feel that way.

And it was really nice having my mom with me after that. So, like, I mean, I love it if my mom can travel with me. But she's coaching a lot so she can't travel all that much. So when she can come, it was really nice.

Q. I'm just curious in terms of the traveling bubble aspect of the tour. Did that become kind of crystallize a little bit more after that run at the Australian Open and you get your ranking up and you're getting direct in to tour tournaments and things like that. And did it seem a little bit more like having to wall off the outside and you kind of travel around or has it always been that way?
MADISON BRENGLE: I feel like it's kind of always been that way. Like, almost no matter what level you're playing at, whether your playing the challenges or the tour events, I mean, it is like a little traveling circus of crazy that goes from place to place to place.

So, yeah, I feel like it's kind of always that way.

Q. Fairly random question. What were your thoughts the first time you heard Tennys Sandgren's name?
MADISON BRENGLE: Like maybe -- I didn't think anything of it. I mean, it's a good tennis name. I didn't think anything of it.

Q. You didn't think it was strange to be named "Tennys"?
MADISON BRENGLE: I mean, no. There's weirder name names out there. Look at celebrity too babe names. "Tennys" is not bad. He pulls it off. He's cool.

Q. And then just time in Paris. Obviously, you get to spend a little more time in Paris after today's win, but what is Paris like for you? What have you been keeping busy with when not on the courts?
MADISON BRENGLE: Julie Coin, she lives here. So we've been really good friends and I always try to book my hotel so I stay near her. I basically go over to her apartment and I hang out with her all the time.

My all time favorite thing -- because she drives around on a little Vespa is driving around on the back of her Vespa around Paris. This is the highlight. And I named her -- and she has a little yellow one and I named it Bumble. So, like, I'm, like, I just want to go every where on Bumble. Take me on Bumble. So that's the highlight of Paris for me is riding the Vespa.

Q. Has it been harrowing?
MADISON BRENGLE: She's so good at driving. She's amazing. I just sit on the back. I'm never going to drive her Vespa. I just sit on the back and look around and it's so much fun. I have my little helmet. It's great.

Q. I presume you're not familiar with the Audrey Hepburn movie "Roman Holiday" that popularized Vespas?
MADISON BRENGLE: Oh, I've seen it multiple times. I have seen "Breakfast at Tiffany's" too many times, but I have seen "Roman Holiday."

Q. In terms of the traveling bubble, what's your favorite stop on the circuit and talk a little bit about your mother's coaching.
MADISON BRENGLE: Favorite? I love Melbourne. I really like Vancouver too. They have a challenger there and I just love Vancouver. It's such a pretty city.

Yeah, I mean, my mom's a coach in Dover. And they've done such a good job with, like, just junior tennis there in general. Because, when I was growing up, there was almost, like, no junior tennis to speak of. It was, like, you really didn't think that much about Delaware and tennis.

And now, when I go back, I see how good the kids that she works with. They've gotten so good. And it's fun for me to go back because sometimes in my offseason I coach a little bit when I go back. And I don't get to see the kids that often and I see how they're progressing and it's fun. And they work really hard and my mom has done a really good job.

Q. I know you're a big Netflix-and-chill girl.
MADISON BRENGLE: I just made a Netflix account?

Q. You didn't have one before?

I wanted to -- I was doing some, like, at home improvement stuff, like, do-it-yourself projects, and I finished one tough one and I rewarded myself by getting a Netflix account. So yeah.

Q. What are you streaming these days? What's the TV show du jour?
MADISON BRENGLE: I watched "13 Reasons Why" in, like, two days.

Q. It's intense.
MADISON BRENGLE: The last episode was so heavy. I was sobbing uncontrollably, but it was a great show. And then I watched an entire season of "Shield" because I like superhero stuff.

And, yeah, now I have just watched a couple of documentaries. I'm watching, I think, "Chef's Table." Food, yeah. So that's my new thing. "Chef's Table."

Q. We'll check in regularly.

Q. On that note in a place like Paris, is it difficult as an elite athlete to stay away from some of the better food offerings?
MADISON BRENGLE: I'm not staying away from them. I'm just eating them. And I burnt a lot of calories today, so I'm going to go eat more of them now.

Q. Anything in particular you look forward to most when you come?
MADISON BRENGLE: Wine? Wine. Definitely wine.

Q. Any kind?
MADISON BRENGLE: Red. Yeah, there we go.

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