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May 28, 2017

Daniel Evans

Paris, France


5-7, 6-4, 6-3, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You said that you couldn't breathe quite early in the match. Just talk about the physical side of it, if you can.
DANIEL EVANS: Yeah, I was just struggling a bit. It was hot.

Yeah, I just -- obviously, retirement before and I -- I hadn't ate that long before, so I was struggling with that for quite a while. But, yeah, that's the way it is.

Q. How close did you come, if at all, to not completing the match?
DANIEL EVANS: No. I always complete the matches. I felt like it, but that's not always -- I always try to complete the matches. I don't think I have pulled out, actually. So that was -- I didn't feel good at all, but I think it's in the spirit to sort of just carry on playing.

Q. How difficult was the heat to deal with out there?
DANIEL EVANS: Yeah, it was hot. It was really tough. Just, yeah, it was difficult conditions especially for such a physical surface, as well, for me. Yeah, I clearly found it really hard.

Q. When you say you ate relatively shortly before the match, is that because the match suddenly -- the one before you sort of -- you were expecting it to go longer, I take it.
DANIEL EVANS: Well, it went a settle and then 6-1, 3-1 in, like, 25 minutes, I think, something like that. It was pretty quick. Yeah, I wasn't -- yeah, I was over on the other side. And then it went 6-1 like that, so I come over and it was 2-1, and at 3-1 they pulled out.

So it's not an excuse, but it's just how it was.

Q. For an hour and a half, Dan, you went pretty much toe to toe with a guy who's been to five quarterfinals here. Does that change your view about your ability on clay?
DANIEL EVANS: No, not really. He's, obviously, been struggling a little bit. I think he just didn't find his feet at the start, and then it was clear he was way better than me on that surface and looked physically better as well, which was a bit worrying. Yeah.

Q. When you went off the court, were you sick at all?
DANIEL EVANS: The first time, yeah, I just, obviously, threw up a little bit. It was just sitting in my stomach, so I thought it was the best thing to do sort thing.

I had actually come out and played pretty good for the start of the second. But, you know, it's difficult. I find it especially difficult on my serve on this surface to get on top in the rallies.

Q. And I was kind of surprised that you wanted to play doubles. So you might just want to get out of here as soon as possible.
DANIEL EVANS: Well, yeah, I mean, obviously, I wanted to. I'm going to play doubles. Yeah. It's just -- we agreed to play, so we're going to play.

Q. Daniel, when you say it was a bit worrying that you felt he was fitter than you, you must be surely in pretty decent shape right now having played seven weeks on the clay. Going into the grass, I mean.
DANIEL EVANS: Yeah. I mean, yeah, that's the first five-set match -- well, second five-set match I've played on the clay to a decent level. I mean, the Davis Cup one wasn't any sort of a level.

So, yeah, I feel good. I played a lot of tennis. Yeah, it's a different story on the quicker surface. Obviously, the surface helps me a lot. Yeah. I mean, I don't worry about five sets on the hard or the grass. It was just today was a bit -- it was definitely a lot different to what I imagined.

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