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May 28, 2017

Amanda Anisimova

Paris, France

K. NARA/A. Anisimova

3-6, 7-5, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. Amanda, thoughts on that. It was your first main draw match. Great effort and a good match. How are you feeling about it and how do you think you played?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Thanks. Yeah, it was really tough today. I wasn't my best physically, but I tried fighting all the way. I'm just proud of how I competed out there.

Q. Was it more the heat or are you carrying some sort of injury or something?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: No, I was just like a little sick, and the heat was definitely a factor.

Q. Was the experience what you thought it would be playing a main draw match at a slam?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, it was really exciting. There were a lot of people there. It felt like, it was really amazing, playing my first Grand Slam main draw match. It was really exciting.

Q. What's been the entire experience here like for the past few days and for this entire spell of the tournament? You have obviously played well at Junior Grand Slams already, but how does the difference feel in general?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: I have had a good week of practicing here. I have been preparing a lot and getting used to everything here. That was good. I had my whole team around me. They have been helping me a lot. I wouldn't have played as good as I did today without them.

Q. In the match itself, you had control of it for a while there. Can you talk about what happened and what you think the difference was.
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, I think I was playing pretty aggressive in the first set, and then going on to 3-1 and started making more mistakes and getting a little bit out of focus. I think that was what let me down a little bit.

Q. What's the most interesting thing about being here? Being on the grounds, seeing people?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, I like all the autographs, being a professional. It's exciting. I hope I will get to play many more Grand Slams in the future.

Q. See anyone in particular you wanted to see that you had never seen before?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: I was hoping I'd see Djokovic. I didn't see him. Maybe I'll see him this week.

Q. Some words on Kurumi's game. Playing that match over the course, you got to see a lot of it, it was a long match. What did you think of her and what she did well to kind of put you off today?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Well, first off, she's definitely a great fighter. It was a really tough match. She's really a defensive player. Yeah, she would push me back deeper. It was pretty hard. She's a really good player.

Q. After this experience, do you have any short-term goals maybe for the rest of the season?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, there are definitely things I want to work on after this match. I keep learning after every single match. Probably on my mental side I want to work a little bit more, staying in the moment and not getting out of it, like, keep focusing.

Q. I don't know you, so I don't know if your eyes are always like that. Have you been crying after this match, or did you have some emotional problems? Which is understandable or not?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, I get super upset, of course, every time I lose a match. So my eyes are a little bit bloodshot.

Q. Now you're able to smile and think about the future since you're so young? What do you expect from your life as a tennis player?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, I talked to my coach a little bit so that calmed me down. I'm just going to keep moving forward.

Q. Obviously 15 years old, walking around the locker room that includes, you know, 30-year-olds and late 20s, a lot of people a lot older than you are. Was there ever a moment where you realize there is like an age gap when you walk around there?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Definitely it's a little bit different from the juniors' side. They are not as friendly, I guess (smiling).

But, yeah, everything is like super serious. It's definitely more professional.

Q. Is that off-putting or you feel like, okay, I'll just get used to this? Or I'm going to bring a whole different more friendly vibe to the whole situation? What's kind of your take on it?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Oh, no, definitely, I think it's really good. Everyone is really focused. I respect that.

Q. Also, when you play tennis, you're choosing all the time or just when you come into press conferences?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, I have gum in my mouth right now. Sorry (smiling).

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