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May 30, 2017

Guido Pella

Paris, France


6-2, 6-1, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. You've played Juan Martin a lot, and I guess what I would like to know is what is difficult about it? What is hard? How do you feel when you go out there and know what you're going to come up against, and can you explain what you try to do to combat that?
GUIDO PELLA: Well, I think there are not so much to say. Today, he's better than me. He played better than me. I tried to play my game but, like I said, he's better. He has a big forehand, big serve. So he did very good job today.

I couldn't do much because my game, I think, it suits him. Because when I try to cross my forehand, he was with his forehand also. So I started to ran a lot and, when I tried to do something different, he was not good for my game. So he started to feel very good, I think, the entire match. So I couldn't do a lot, so I think that's it. He played better. He's better and that's it.

Q. Does he have a weakness? Do you think he has a weakness?
GUIDO PELLA: I think he has a weakness. But when he's playing with Djokovic or Federer or Nadal, I tried to find that weakness, but I couldn't. I think today it's his backhand.

But I couldn't play my best tennis because, like I said, he's better. So I couldn't find my game very well. I didn't serve good and he did a better job than me.

Q. United States for a long time really hasn't had many dominant players, right? The days of Guga, Vilas, Rios, Nalbandian in Latin America are, you know, some time ago now. And you and Juan Martin are, you know, what we see in Latin America now a lot. So is there a reason that Latin America -- I think I know why United States lost its dominance, but do you have an idea why Latin America has lost dominance in tennis?
GUIDO PELLA: It's really a tough question to answer, because if I start talking it will be a mess.

So let's say time changes. Tennis player changes. It's like other sports. United States had awesome players in the past, and they will have awesome players in the future, Argentina, Latin America also.

So for now on, you will have to see us. If we can do better, it will be great. If we can't do better, fine. We are trying to do the best as we can, but at this time there are very good players on tour. And now, I think, European players dominate because they have a lot of tournaments nearby, so they don't have to travel so much.

But, like I said, I hope in the future Argentina, Latin America, and United States could be top in tennis. Now it's time for European players.

Q. Right. But just to be specific, do you think it has to do with the economy in Latin America? There's something to do with the economy that before people had more money, or they could train better, or was there something that was the key to those guys' success?
GUIDO PELLA: Yeah. Well, in Argentina I think that is one of the reasons. People -- well, people not -- families of tennis players don't have so much money to spend for their kids. So tennis is a very expensive sport, so that's one of the reason.

And every time we need to travel to a tournament, we have to travel 10, 12 hours, and the airline tickets every year are more expensive. So it's really difficult to travel. If you don't play ATP and you don't get in on this kind of tournaments, you lose money every week.

So it's really difficult for us. So that's one of the reason why European players are coming much more than us, because they don't have to travel. They don't have to spend so much money, and that's one of the reasons.

Q. Thank you very much.
GUIDO PELLA: You're welcome.

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