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May 30, 2017

Nick Kyrgios

Paris, France

N. KYRGIOS/P. Kohlschreiber

6-3, 7-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Pleasing enough start for you?
NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, definitely. You know, there was a lot of question marks on how I would perform today. I haven't had that many matches on the clay. Obviously been struggling physically. Obviously not having matches on the clay and not feeling that confident.

I saw the draw and I thought it was going to be very tough. He's been around for a long time now and he knows what to do to win matches. I think he's pretty comfortable on the clay.

I served really well today at important times in the match, and I thought I just played the right style of game to win today with what I had. Hopefully, I can keep going.

Q. How did the body come through that?
NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, well, I have been doing a lot of treatment. Been doing good treatment during the day and then at night, as well.

I am going to do a lot of things after this with ice and eat and just get treatment, and hopefully it keeps pulling up okay for me to play.

Q. What's Sebastien bring to the equation for you, particularly on the clay?
NICK KYRGIOS: I'm not really so sure it's about the clay or any surface like that, I guess. I was kind of just looking for the right person to guide me and keep me on track. I feel like my game, I know what to do to win matches. I don't feel like my level is a problem. It's more about being consistent and obviously just finding that motivation every day to stand the grind and give 100%. He's the type of guy that cares about my well-being first rather than just tennis results.

He knows I need my space at times and he knows how to deal with me. I think at the moment it's pretty good. Obviously it's hard for me when we're in the practice court having someone in my ear. I haven't had that for almost three years. To go from one extreme to the other, it's a slow transition, but I think I'm getting there.

Q. Is he someone that says a lot when you're on court practice?
NICK KYRGIOS: He doesn't say a lot. It's just positive things. I tend to be very negative and I play a lot of chats to myself and it's not really positive chat.

You know, to just hear a guy in the back of the court just give me some positive things to think about. I get pretty internal at times, and when he's telling me to focus on things I kind of just think tactically. I guess that's what I struggle with. So to have him keep reminding me what to do is helping.

Q. There has been a lot of talk back in Australia about recent comments by Margaret Court, controversy about gay rights and things like that. The Aussie girls have spoken up about it and there have been calls, petitions to change the name of the arena in Melbourne. What are your thoughts on that? Do you think that would be a good idea or where do you stand on this whole thing?
NICK KYRGIOS: I kind of saw a little bit. I don't think I know enough about it. I didn't read anything she said. I saw it was a bit of a mix-up. I didn't really read it.

I mean, I have no problem with gay marriage at all. I mean, that's where I stand.

Q. Can you tell what you like the most on clay, what you hate the most.
NICK KYRGIOS: What I like the most or what I hate the most?

Q. Both.
NICK KYRGIOS: I don't really like running. That's one thing. So when the rally gets pretty long I tend to just go for a low-percentage shot.

What I like about clay? I also don't like how my shoes get dirty. When I'm back home I don't really train that much on clay because it makes my cars dirty, too.

What I like about clay, I guess the points are more fun at times. You know, I think you get to see a more variety of shots. I think it can be enjoyable, but, I mean, clay -- I think I play well on clay, but I don't think it's my favorite surface.

Q. You had a very good progression the last year but without a coach. Why do you feel that you need a coach right now with Grosjean?
NICK KYRGIOS: I don't know if -- I definitely knew that to get to maybe top 5 and to really contend at slams I probably needed someone in my corner that, you know, could help me at times.

That definitely came from the people around me. They were always telling me and always reminding me that I had potential and I definitely needed someone to help me.

I just wasn't ready to have anyone. I was kind of just going with the flow and just taking every day one step at a time, just enjoying it and just trying to play. I got to 13 in the world without a coach, which is not too bad, I don't think.

I think it's time now to knuckle down, I guess. He's been there and done that. I think he's gone to 3 in the world, I think. He's well-experienced.

Q. After speaking with the chair umpire, second set, you were points later a bit nervous. Was it because you didn't get an answer, or what?
NICK KYRGIOS: I was nervous? Is that what you said?

Q. A bit.
NICK KYRGIOS: No, I wasn't nervous at all.

Q. Does playing in a Grand Slam feel any differently to you? Have you got added motivation or does it feel like just another tennis game?
NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, I mean, growing up I always felt like -- you know, I always put a lot more pressure on myself at Grand Slams. I kind of felt like when I was younger, felt like it didn't really matter what you did anywhere else, but as long as you did well at the Grand Slams you were known as a good player.

I feel like if you win five titles and you lose, especially in a Grand Slam, I would much prefer to lose five first rounds and then get to a semifinal or final in a Grand Slam, something like that.

So I always feel like my game is always Grand Slam ready. I feel like my Grand Slam results have been pretty good. Yeah, I mean, I feel like I got, obviously, added motivation to play at a Grand Slam, for sure.

Q. What do you think of French fans, Roland Garros fans, compared to other Grand Slam? Is there any differences for you or is it the same?
NICK KYRGIOS: I think the French love to be entertained. You look at the players they have. You have Gasquet, Monfils, Simon, guys like this who love to put on a show. They love to be entertained. I looked up to two of those guys, Tsonga and Monfils, because they make the sport fun and entertaining. That's why people watch.

You know, I think the French, they love -- I like playing in front of the French crowd.

Q. On that note of playing before the French crowd, are you learning any French from Sebastien Grosjean to talk to the crowd afterwards?
NICK KYRGIOS: I know a bit of French, I did French classes at school but I didn't really listen well. I know how to say my name, where I live, stuff like that I like and stuff. I can't really speak it. Sebastien speaks pretty good English.

Q. How well did you know Sebastien before starting to work with him? He said to L'Equipe that he knows you need your freedom, so how are you defining that? Are you only working a certain number of hours, certain number of days? Do you just tell him, That's enough from time to time?
NICK KYRGIOS: No, I'm not that disrespectful.

Yeah, I mean, well, I lived in Boca, so when I went there to train, there was not really anyone to train with. Then obviously I found out that Seb lived there, and his daughter trained there and obviously I hit with her a couple times and me and Seb hit a couple times. It kind of went from there. I thought he was really laid back, he just gave me a couple tips every now and then.

I just felt comfortable with him around. I didn't feel like he was trying to get an inroad into my team. I didn't think he saw an opportunity there or anything like that, which for me I instantly thought he's actually a good guy, a good guy at heart, and he is.

I knew him pretty well before we started to agree to work together. Right now it's pretty low key as well. I was only going to work with him when I'm in Boca and at the Grand Slams. I have still got -- he's not really a full-time coach, but he's definitely helping me.

But I don't have, like, an hour limit or anything like that. I'm not like high maintenance I feel. Oh, maybe. But I'm not, like -- yeah. Yeah.

Q. When you arrive for a slam with lingering injury problems, do you feel less pressure kind of knowing you're at least right now not at your full abilities and your full potential?
NICK KYRGIOS: I guess, yeah. I guess if you're injured you kind of put the expectation down a little bit, but it's not really easy for me. Whether I'm injured or not, people expect me to win. I guess my answer is no to that.

Q. You will have a big opportunity on Davis Cup final in Brussels. It will be also on clay. What are your thoughts about that?
NICK KYRGIOS: Super excited. You know, I think the Davis Cup the last three times has been some of the best experiences I have had this year. I've really looked forward that. That's kind of kept me going. When we have a Davis Cup tie and then we play a couple weeks after, I've just put in to create good habits to play in Davis Cup.

And it's going to be awesome in Brussels, I think. I'm excited to be a part of that team with Lleyton, Jordan. Hopefully, obviously with Thanasi coming back, it would be awesome to have him back as well. And obviously you have Peers and Groth playing great doubles. We will have the depth back, as well. The culture, it's just fun, just a fun week. I think we can win it this year, for sure.

Q. Jaziri or Anderson next. Comfortable matchups for you?
NICK KYRGIOS: I played Jaziri a couple times. I don't think I've ever lost to him. He's a tough competitor. He's a very tricky player. He's unpredictable, I think. He's a guy that's very unpredictable. One day he can light it up and one day he can play strange kind of shots. He's a good player.

Obviously you know what you're going to get with Anderson. He has a big serve, he's quite big from the back. He's had great results his whole career.

I don't really mind who I play out of those two. I know it's going to be tough either way.

Q. The former player, Yannick Noah, used to say that for him the most important thing was to make the whole stadium happy. Do you feel that you're an entertainer, also? Do you enjoy that part of the game? Does that give you satisfaction to entertain the crowd?
NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, I mean, I like making the crowd enjoy what they see. I kind of go for some shots that aren't conventional just to obviously give a little bit of a show. I think it's important. Ultimately, at the end of the day, it's sports entertainment. And let's be real, the crowd's not going to watch a match that's boring.

Federer, I think is unbelievable to watch. He's simple but unbelievable to watch. Rafa, unbelievable to watch. They watch these players because they are entertainers. At the end of the day, yeah.

Q. Zverev winning in Rome a couple weeks ago, how big of a deal that feels to you like in terms of how the tour is shifting? He's in the top 10 now. Does it feel at all like the start of changing of the guard or at least a mark, milestone for younger guys?
NICK KYRGIOS: It was an unbelievable week, I thought, for him. Yeah, I was pretty happy for him, actually. He does a lot of hard work.

I mean, I don't really know if there is a changing of the guard. I mean, I think Rafa on clay, his dominance right now is as big as it's ever been. I think Thiem played an unbelievable match in Rome to just beat him. Then looked what happened the next round, he's completely gone, physically and mentally. I thought he was going to beat Djokovic, to be honest. Then he won one game.

Nadal, I don't think he's worried at all about anyone in this tournament, to be fair. Best of five, it suits him. He knows he's not gonna lose. Let's be realistic.

Djokovic -- I mean, Murray, No. 1 in the world, he's got like three times as many points as anyone. I can't really see the changing of the guard happening any time soon because of one tournament. Unbelievable week, but I think the young ones have a ways to go.

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