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May 30, 2017

Alize Cornet

Paris, France

A. CORNET/T. Babos

6-2, 6-7, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. How is it coming back here to the French Open? How was the public? Did you think they were welcoming? Would you say that maybe the public is more demanding compared to before?
ALIZE CORNET: It was wonderful, but it has always been wonderful every year. I was very happy to play on Court No. 1. The atmosphere there is always great. I think it's because of the round shape.

I took great pleasure playing in front of my public. I actually used my public, especially when sometimes it got a little difficult. I was able that I could count on my public to support me.

It felt great. I can't wait now to move on to the next round and play again and hopefully give more pleasure to my public.

Q. During the match, you complained about cramps.
ALIZE CORNET: I always do.

Q. Is it physiological or is it psychological? What's your take on this?
ALIZE CORNET: Well, it's not just -- I'm not making it up. I'm used to pushing myself and play long matches. But, you know, when you play Grand Slam matches, I think I can tell my muscles get a bit harder.

I didn't actually have cramps today, but I think I came close at one point. I'm very happy I had no cramps and I was able to finish the match in good conditions.

Q. Any regrets? For example, you could have finished the match with the second set. Or is it just a detail?
ALIZE CORNET: Well, I'm very happy, obviously, but yes, you have a point. In the best-case scenario I could have played 40 minutes less. At 6-2, 5-3, I was on top of everything, and then she played very well. At 5-4, I still had a match point.

Then I got a little tense. She was playing better, and I could tell the match was changing. The good thing is that the third set, in spite of this last match point, I was able to have a new momentum and do what I did in the first set and do it well.

Physically it was a bit difficult and mentally it was even more difficult because I just lost the previous set. But then the third set went well, and all in all I think it was a good set. Good points and bad points, but that's always the case in tennis.

Q. You arrived here at the French Open with not that many big reference matches in the season so far. How does that feel?
ALIZE CORNET: Well, it's the same thing this year and as the previous year. I came here without many victories. Unlike last year, I feel that I'm pretty confident. I have, you know, been hitting some very, very good balls. So I think I'm in a very positive momentum right now. I'm not panicked at all. I think I can play well.

If I can really develop my tennis -- I know it's there; it's pretty close -- then I think I can go further into the tournament.

Q. I know your partner is an athlete. Do you like to play tennis with him, or is it something you dislike?
ALIZE CORNET: I like that question. It's a good question. Thanks for asking. As a matter of fact, yes. I do like to play tennis with him, because he's a good sport. I have had several boyfriends -- I take that back. I have had one boyfriend, sorry, one boyfriend (smiling) who was a tennis player, and it was not fun to play with him, because we had a very different approach.

I don't like to lose. You know me. You know that's the way I am. It was not fun to play with him.

But with Michael, who is my partner and is also taking care of me at the French Open, it's very different. You know, he's good sport and he plays tennis for fun. I think that all he wants to give me is good waves, positive vibes.

So we play together and it's fun. It's always great fun, which may come as a bit of a surprise for you coming from me, but I really need his good vibes. The same thing is true for my parents, my brother, and all the people who surround me. I need these vibes.

When I'm here at the French Open, I have this very unique, very special momentum coming from all the people who are around me.

So, coming back to your question, the answer is, yes, I like playing with him.

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