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May 30, 2017

Jeremy Chardy

Paris, France

J. CHARDY/R. Albot

6-2, 6-4, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Talk about the next opponent, Nishikori. You competed a few times in the past, every year since 2011. What are you expecting to compete in the next match?
JEREMY CHARDY: Yeah, I know Kei really well. He's a really nice guy outside the court, and he's a really good player on the court.

It will be a really difficult match for me, but I'm happy with my match today. I took some confidence. I didn't stay so long on the court, so it's good for the next match.

You know, every time I play against Kei, I have to play my best tennis if I want a chance to win. I will do my best. I will go on court to win, try to play my best match, and we will see.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. Back to the match of today, you were in control of the match. In the third set you saved two break points. What about the match?
JEREMY CHARDY: I did get off to a good start. I played against him in Indian Wells. The first rounds are always tricky, tough. I stepped on court very focused, very aggressive. When I had some opportunities, I was offensive, so I did get off to a good start because I had a double break. Then it was a solid match.

On the whole, I saved only two break points in the middle of the third set, but on the whole it was a good match, so quite happy.

Q. So with a very quality backhand, you managed to hit winners with your backhand. So more confidence?
JEREMY CHARDY: A good match. I was very solid with my backhand, so I managed to unleash some good backhands. But I build my game with my forehand. If I can be better with the backhand, it's good, great. This is something that I'm looking for.

But what I like is to serve and to play with my forehand.

Q. What is the role of Nicolas? Have you prepared things in advance? Nicolas is with you during this Grand Slam tournament. Any change? Because he's now close to you. Does it change something?
JEREMY CHARDY: During the match, it doesn't change anything. But when you look at your coach, he supports you, he speaks a lot even though he's not allowed to speak out, but I know exactly what he means when he speaks out. I'm very happy with this relationship. We have been working together, and prepared things. I know him for quite a long time.

On court he brings me lots of positive things. I'm very happy to work with him, and I hope that he will help me to make headway and to progress. I hope that the good work will pay off, so I'm very happy with the match of today.

Q. So Nishikori, you are playing against a good player, a top player. So what is your mindset out of this match?
JEREMY CHARDY: It will be a tough match, no doubt about it.

I played against him many times. When I was younger I defeated him but now it's totally the opposite. So I will step on court in order to win. So if you don't intend to win, why play?

So he will be the favorite, no doubt about it. But when I play well, I think that I can hurt even the best of players.

So I'm delighted, because I haven't used up a lot of energy. I'm full of confidence following this match, so I'll try to win. I will dare to do things. I will have to deliver a good performance if I want to win.

So the second round won't be easy, but I will try my best to be victorious and find solutions. I will believe in my abilities to win.

Q. Is it better to play against Kei on clay?
JEREMY CHARDY: I don't know. Maybe is better on every surfaces, but he also notched up good victories on clay, as well. So I love playing at the French Open. I love playing on clay. This is one of the courts that I prefer in Roland Garros. I like clay, so I'm very happy to play against Kei here.

Is it better to play on clay than another surface? Of course it's better to play on clay, but I like to be here, so I will give my best and we'll see what comes out of the match.

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