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May 30, 2017

Amandine Hesse

Paris, France


6-1, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. Your face betrays your disappointment. I didn't see the whole match, but I saw a few games that were disputed, but always went in her favor. Maybe that is due to the fact that you're a wildcard?
AMANDINE HESSE: Disappointed it went so fast, first thing. I knew before the match that she was full of confidence. She hasn't lost many matches. She went to the top 100 in a month and a half, which shows how much confidence she has. And I thought I would do better than that. I thought I would be a bit more of a pain for her, especially since I felt ready before the match. I felt I played well in training. I did a good tournament in Strasbourg before I came here.

So yes, I'm disappointed that I didn't obtain a better score, for one. And disappointed that things should end so quickly.

Q. There's been some controversy about who should get wildcards, who deserves them, who doesn't. What is your opinion on that?
AMANDINE HESSE: Are you suggesting I didn't deserve my wildcard? No. Good. Well, I don't really have anything to say about that.

If we give our best on the court, the other girl is allowed to be stronger than we are. This girl was stronger than I was. I did my best. I got whacked, but I mustn't be discouraged. I deserve the wildcard and my opponent was just stronger than I was. That's it. I don't think anyone should say that I don't deserve the wildcard.

Q. Did she apply added pressure, do you think? Or if you hadn't been a wildcard do you think you would have done the same game?
AMANDINE HESSE: It's my fourth French Open. This was just the first year that I was not feeling too much stress. But then again, she conceded nothing. She didn't leave me a single second. She really trapped me. She didn't yield any point; I had to go out there and get them.

I perhaps didn't hit as hard as I usually do maybe because of the tension, but it's true, I wasn't too much of a problem for her. I was less powerful than usual. And she was very confident and successful. She's a girl who covers the court very well. It was very tough for me to finish the points.

So yes, she's a great player who was very tough to me today and that was reflected in the score.

Q. Was it the first time you played against her?
AMANDINE HESSE: Yes, it was. I had actually never really seen her play before. I just found out that she won a WTA in Biel a couple of months ago, that she won a 100,000 on clay, but I had never really seen her play.

I sort of knew what to expect, but not enough, obviously.

Q. What is the rest of your schedule?
AMANDINE HESSE: I think I'm going to go and play the Marseilles $100,000 tournament next week. Then I'm doing the doubles with Tessah Andrianjafitrimo. We're playing against two really strong players, Babos and Hlavackova, who are seeded No. 5. I think we'll just enjoy ourselves and try to play well the both of us.

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