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May 30, 2017

Alexandre Muller

Paris, France


7-6, 2-6, 4-6, 7-6, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. Before we discuss the match and your defeat, how do you feel? You have just spent three-and-a-half hours, over three-and-a-half hours on a court. This is probably the first time you have ever played in front of a French public supporting you. How was it?
ALEXANDRE MULLER: How long did I play? Three-and-a-half hours or over? I think it's probably been three-and-a-half most intensive hours of my career. I enjoyed it. I did my very best.

I wish I could have won this match since this is my first participation here. Honestly, I have no regrets. I did have a few tears, because the atmosphere was amazing. At the very end, well, I realized I was going to lose, it got very emotional.

But I really got a kick out of the moment, too.

Q. Many people wondered why you had a wildcard. Well, obviously today you showed why you had a wildcard. Was it important for you to show that it was justified?
ALEXANDRE MULLER: You know, I think there is always a little bit of a controversy when there are wildcards. Honestly, I think I deserved the wildcard. I work hard. I have had good results. I'm young. I'm only 20 year olds. It's not like I have been on the tour for years. But, yeah, I think I deserved my wildcard.

Today I was able to show what I was able to do. Hopefully I'll be back.

Q. A more personal question. Who are you? I have seen you in a few challengers and ITFs, but this is your first participation in a Grand Slam. How does it feel all of a sudden being in such a big tournament? And again, what kind of a person are you?
ALEXANDRE MULLER: First of all, I can say that coming to the French Open is exciting. All of a sudden you realize what it's like when you're in the top 100. Life becomes heaven. I think tomorrow I'm going to take a break, and after that, I'm going to work even harder, because it is very exciting. I have just spent five or six amazing days here.

It's very incredible.

What was the other question?

Q. What is your life like?
ALEXANDRE MULLER: I train with Romain Bazire and Jocelyne Geraldine [phonetic], Alain Fisher, who is the former chairman of the league. My family was here. I train in the Ligue de Provence with ESP Consulting. This is important.

Q. ESP Consulting, you said?

Everything is going very well. I have a wonderful team surrounding me. I joined two years ago. I wasn't great back then, and they really supported me. They helped me. I would truly like to thank them for everything they have done for me.

Q. Originally you're from Poissy near Paris? For how long have you been in Provence?
ALEXANDRE MULLER: I was there since the age of 6.

Q. The tiebreak, in the tiebreak, your opponent played very well, and in the fourth set you had no occasions virtually to break.
ALEXANDRE MULLER: Didn't I have one? I think I was 40-Love, and then I missed an easy smash in the tiebreak. You know, in the tiebreak, every single point is important. You know, sometimes one single point can really make a difference.

But anyway, in the first two, three sets he was not serving very well, and then in the fourth set, he started to serve better. Although physically it was getting more difficult. He served better. Physically, I had some energy left, but I could feel some cramps. And then there was a lot of emotion, which was quite overwhelming because I was very close to the victory and then it disappeared. Mentally it's very difficult.

But again, I gave everything I could and I have no regrets.

Q. What's the only regret? I guess if you had gone to the second round, you would have met Gaël Monfils.
ALEXANDRE MULLER: Oh, yes, that would have been a dream. That would have been a wonderful experience playing on the main court or on the Chatrier, but I think Gaël won his match, so, well, I guess I'll play him another time.

Q. I don't think you have ever defeated in your career within the top 300? Have you? Except for maybe Hamou.
ALEXANDRE MULLER: Maybe Hamou, he was around 300 back then. Now he's a little bit better.

When you can play some of the best players, it really makes a difference. The best players I played so far I think was 250, 300 maybe. So I'm going to play some challengers. I had a wildcard in Lyon and here at the French Open, so it is very exciting. I'm going to work hard and hopefully this can continue.

I would like to thank the Federation, of course, the French Tennis Federation for the wildcard. Without the wildcard this would never have happened.

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