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May 30, 2017

Chloe Paquet

Paris, France

C. PAQUET/K. Pliskova

6-7, 6-2, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. A dream came true today, right?
CHLOE PAQUET: Yes. It is a dream. First time at the French Open, and I made it. Being French, you really want to do well, especially, you know, with a wildcard. Things went very well. It's just amazing.

Q. At what point in the match did you feel you could make?
CHLOE PAQUET: As a matter of fact, since Friday, since the draw we have been talking with the coach, and we both figured I could win. I could win, and then that I was going to win. When I arrived on the court, I immediately saw she was hitting the ball very well. She's a great player.

But I decided that if I could be here and now and play well from the very beginning, well, then I knew I could make a difference. In the first set I was leading very quickly, 5-3. Then things are going really fast in my mind. I didn't really realize what was happening. But I really tried to stay focused, and I knew I could do something really amazing.

Q. So sometimes losing can destabilize you. You were able to stay in control?
CHLOE PAQUET: Yes, I lost 7-6. But then I figured that if I played well in the second set I could play well. I know that physically she hits very hard, but in terms of moving, she's not that great. So at that point I decided that if I could make her move more in the second set, I could win.

Q. Were you impressed about how you managed your match, including the difficult moments?
CHLOE PAQUET: Huh. You know, oftentimes it gets very complicated in my mind. Sometimes I can be quite bad tempered and negative on the court. But today was special. It's my first time here at Roland Garros. It's the first time I'm playing on such a court, and I really wanted to give it a positive image. I didn't want to miss this. I'm pretty happy, right (smiling)?

Q. It's maybe a bit early to make big statements about your career, but this could change your career, right?
CHLOE PAQUET: Yes, I took 70 points. I now can qualify for the US Open. I don't want to talk about money, but it's a lot of money. It's a fact, you know. At my level, as you all know, it can be quite complicated. So this is a lot of oxygen also for my parents who support me all day long. They have been supporting me for five years since I decided to become a professional player.

So this is extremely positive.

Q. Your father said that in the third set he was extremely anxious.
CHLOE PAQUET: Did you interview my father? I was not shaking. I was just standing straight. I knew that I was going to be okay, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0. I decided, don't think about the score. Don't think about the score. I knew I didn't want to have any regrets. Then I said, Okay, let's play point by point and pretend that every single point is the first point of the match. This is how I was able to come back.

I think maybe I managed things better than my dad did.

Q. Could you tell us how you train? Is your father training you?
CHLOE PAQUET: No, I train with Stephane Charret. We have been training for a year and a half. My parents pay everything. They pay Stephane, all my travel, all Stephane's expenses are paid for, as well. As you can imagine, it is a lot of money. I think they must be very happy today. My parents, that is.

Q. Next round is Caroline Garcia. I know you both get along quite well. Are you happy to meet her in the second round?
CHLOE PAQUET: Yes, I'm absolutely delighted. She's a great player. She's a great person. I think it will be on a good court. Hopefully Lenglen or Chatrier. It would be just incredible. Caroline is a very good player. I know it can be a very difficult match, but who knows? The good news is no matter who wins, there will be a French player in the third round.

Q. I believe you like football?
CHLOE PAQUET: Yes, I love the Paris team PSG. I try to attend all their matches, I try to go to the Parc des Princes as much as I can. This year was not a good year for the Paris team, especially the match against Barcelona. That was awful.

I'm a big fan. I wouldn't say I'm a football fan. I'm a PSG fan.

Q. (off microphone.)
CHLOE PAQUET: Pastore, who is very often injured.

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