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May 31, 2017

Milos Raonic

Paris, France

M. RAONIC/R. Dutra Silva

4-6, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. The guy played his heart out. You had fantastic rallies at the end. You must have been happy that you were controlling most of them and playing so well from the back court.
MILOS RAONIC: Yeah. There's some pluses to take out of it, some things I definitely want to do better. Obviously, I was very competitive.

I felt a little bit sluggish to start. Sort of let him really into it, and you could see that he started believing after a while, and that's always a dangerous state. And, you know, I managed to sort of weather the storm and hold it out throughout that match.

Q. What are the things you would like to do better?
MILOS RAONIC: Be more aggressive on the return, establish control on those points. Especially at least today, for example, he didn't have a very big serve, and I wasn't just enough of a presence on those return games. I was sort of reactive to what he was doing. And he was doing it well, but I felt like I should have taken it to him probably a little bit earlier in the points.

Q. Why were you sluggish at the beginning? Do you have any idea?
MILOS RAONIC: Oh, probably just didn't come out firing right away. And then, obviously, just errors all over the place. And then I just got a little bit down and negative with myself and that doesn't help.

Q. A bunch of statistical geeks have asked me to ask you how many times you have finished off a match with four aces?

Q. Do you remember any specific times? Any specific times aside from today?
MILOS RAONIC: I could name three matches off the top of my head: Today; Robin Haase in Paris indoors; and my first match, I think it was, against Berlocq the year I lost second round at Wimbledon.

Q. Guillermo Garcia-Lopez next round. Are surprised to see him there at all on the clay? He's a bit more of a hard court guy?
MILOS RAONIC: No, not at all. You know, he had two -- I didn't get to see his match today. I watched a little bit of his first round match against Muller. He had matches that, obviously, he put himself in the situation to win. And, you know, when you do that, things can happen. He's won two matches here. I believe he won in straight sets today. So he must be playing some kind of good tennis.

Q. Do you feel that every time you win a game on clay you learn more about your game?
MILOS RAONIC: Yes. Obviously, sometimes the frustrations are hard to deal with. But win or lose, I feel like -- or at least I hope to, at the other end of it, be a better player to some extent.

Q. Not many people are giving you a great chance of going really, really deep in this tournament. Do you think that kind of position helps you? That there's kind of less pressure coming into those matches and maybe other players will underestimate you in the latter stages?
MILOS RAONIC: I don't know. I think I command a big respect and danger from other players. So I don't know if that's necessarily the case with players. Maybe it's just a media discussion.

Q. Court 1 is going after this year. What were the conditions like today and how do you feel about that court?
MILOS RAONIC: Yeah, it's a quick -- it's a bouncier court. It's a little bit quicker than the other courts that at least I have played on. It's a big court as well.

But, you know, it's a court that I have managed -- haven't necessarily played my best on it, but I've had good success on it, I believe, over -- I don't think I have lost on that court. So I can't complain.

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