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August 31, 2003

Justin Rose


MODERATOR: Justin, three strokes back from the lead heading into the final round tomorrow. Justin let's start with No. 14.

Talk about, I guess you had to add an extra stroke there on 14 unfortunately.

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I mean, it came down to me being frustrated that I wasn't making the putts really and I hit it in close to 14, to about eight feet, the putt slid by again. Just -- I guess just got careless and tried to knock the putt -- the putt was only 4, 5 inches long and just stubbed it, just stubbed my putter into the ground and never reached the ball. Obviously my intent was to knock the ball in. I had to call a shot penalty on myself there.

MODERATOR: Let's talk about the mindset heading into tomorrow with a 4-stroke deficit into the final round.

JUSTIN ROSE: Given myself a chance, birdied the last four holes, so that softened the blow at 14 a little bit. I think it's going to take something similar to my first round, like there's been a low score each day. There is a score out there. It's just a matter of taking it. So that's what we're aiming for tomorrow, a good low one, get aggressive from the very start.

Q. Did you know all along -- last four holes knowing that you were probably going to get penalized?

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, end of the day it's my decision, I guess nobody is going to call it on me. In my heart of hearts I was trying to knock the ball in and nobody else probably really knows that other than myself, so yeah, I played the 14th, because it was quite -- pace plays quicker there, basically hit my drive on 14, knocked it stiff, knocked my putt in. 15th hole long wait, I said to Jeff, my playing partner, I said, look, I think I made a bit of a mess-up on the 14th green there, going to have to call a shot penalty on myself.

Q. (Inaudible)?

JUSTIN ROSE: As soon as I walked off 14 I wrote 5 on my card, but I just, you know, first chance I had to tell him, really. Careless, no excuse for that sort of thing, but I guess you live and you learn and won't do it again.

Q. (Inaudible)?

JUSTIN ROSE: Pretty much best mates (Adam Scott) out on Tour. Spend a lot of time together. We have eaten pretty much with each other every day this week. So we have a good laugh with each other. We tease each other and we're close enough that we can pull each other's leg and could have a good laugh together.

Q. (Inaudible)?

JUSTIN ROSE: Probably since 2000 Adam came over, he played Europe a couple of times as an amateur. I am not sure when he turned pro, just before he turned pro I met him for the first time. Then actually I think what got us quite close together we had a good dual between on another at the Dunhill Championship in South Africa, came down to Adam and myself on the last green. So I think that's when we sort of had sort of a bit of respect for each other. Adam got me on the last, so maybe it is my turn this time (laughs).

Q. How are you able to compose yourself with four birdies?

JUSTIN ROSE: I guess it's almost a little bit of anger coming out, right, I have bit of a determination to try and get that stupid mistake back, if you like. You never really get it back, but knocked it stiff at the next hole, knocked the putt in and I don't know, you just carry on. You just carry on, but I think that was definitely alright, really need to try and pull something out of the bag the last few holes.

Q. (Inaudible)?

JUSTIN ROSE: Well, I'd just come off a birdie so I'd say, no, it didn't really make much difference, but (inaudible) I could walk across to the toilet, you know. (Laughs). I don't think it made any difference for the last three holes, no.

Q. Find yourself becoming more and more comfortable competing over here?

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I do. I think last year when I came over for the first time to play the US PGA and the NEC, I settled into it really quickly, I shot 69 the first day to be lying third at the PGA, my first round in America. It was just a really good confidence-building start to playing over here. Obviously a lot of European players have come over and struggled and never quite played well. I finish 22nd that week; which I was relatively happy out first time out and finished 5th at Sahalee. So I had some good results behind me immediately; that helps me feel very comfortable when I come over here and play.

Q. (Inaudible)?

JUSTIN ROSE: Certainly, I would. It is a great Tour, great golf courses, can only be good for your game. I do love Europe and I love playing back home. I think I said the other day that I think it's great for European players, top 50 in the world to use U.S. events as preparation and warm-up into the majors. I think that's invaluable to have the opportunity to play over here prior to a major.

MODERATOR: Let's go over the card, bogey on No. 1.

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, bad bogey at one, missed the green with a wedge. Just off the right side really probably got a little too aggressive with my chip; then missed a 4-foot putt.

Two good shots onto the second green, driver, 2-iron; made a good 2-putt there.

Then I made a nice birdie at 6, driver, 9-iron to twelve feet.

Then on 7 I got a bit unlucky, good tee shot, just bounced left and just kept rolling to the left and was probably only a yard off the fairway, but I had to hit my second shot with my feet in the bunker and the ball way above my feet. The rough turned the ball over left into the trees; then got a flier out the trees way over the back of the green and made bogey there.

Enough about 14, we'll move on quickly.

Driver, wedge to three feet, 15. 5-iron to 15 feet, 16. 3-wood sand wedge to three feet at 17. Then driver and 9-iron to lay-up at the last, sand wedge to ten feet and made a putt there.

MODERATOR: All right, thank you.

End of FastScripts.

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