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May 31, 2017

Benjamin Bonzi

Paris, France


6-2, 6-1, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. How do you feel after this match? A tougher match than the first one. How did you feel on the court today?
BENJAMIN BONZI: My opponent played very well. He dictated play from the start. He didn't let me to be into the match. Unfortunately, I was broken at the start of the match and I couldn't dictate play. He didn't give away too many points.

I did what I could. I had a slight physical problem during the match, but he played well. He was a better player today, no doubt.

Q. You were broken in each of the three sets. I mean, did you feel powerless when you think about his playing style? His court coverage?
BENJAMIN BONZI: At the end of the day, I didn't play badly. I was able to hit the balls, but I was always on the back burner. He was very involved in the match. In a matter of three or four shots, I had to defend.

He was a very good because he managed to target very good areas on the court. I couldn't breathe basically.

Q. You spoke about a physical problem. What was it exactly? Did it get worse during the match?
BENJAMIN BONZI: I got some pain at the end of the first round, and I found it difficult to recover. So it was painful to a certain extent. So after long rallies when I slid quite a lot, it was slightly painful and this impaired my movement. But the reason why I lost today, he played very well.

Q. What about the last days? Did people recognize you in the stadium?
BENJAMIN BONZI: It was different. People turned to me.

On Monday, I didn't have time to recover. Yesterday I managed to get prepared for the match. Despite all the efforts that I have made in order to recover, it was not enough.

Q. Maybe there was lesser pressure because you were the underdog. And like the first match, you were maybe thinking that you could make an impact in the first round?
BENJAMIN BONZI: I didn't have any pressure today because I knew that it would be very difficult to win the match. But I wanted to dictate play, to move him out of his comfort zone, and I didn't manage to do so. And he was like a steamroller during the match.

Q. Maybe you will start to have a new coach? Maybe you will try to establish a sort of game plan for future?
BENJAMIN BONZI: I will think about it. I will have more resources maybe. I need to think about it. I will have a meeting with the French Tennis Federation, maybe the president of the French Tennis Federation might call me.

But I will have to rest. And I want to know what is my pain all about and then we'll see what is going to happen. Have a groin injury.

Q. You have talked about a coach. Are you going to take part in the quallies at Wimbledon or are you going to take part in the other tournaments in Blois, Montauban, and Lyon.
BENJAMIN BONZI: No, I won't be able to take part in the quallies of Wimbledon. My top priority is to know what I have with my groin injury because I don't want the injury to get worse. So regarding the schedule, there's nothing certain as yet.

Q. What are you going to do? Will you take some medical exams?
BENJAMIN BONZI: I will see the doctors. I will listen to them. According to the decisions of the doctors, I will care for myself, and I will try to recover. And I'll see what will be my schedule.

Q. Any problem in the past with this groin injury?

Q. Was it a new type of pain?
BENJAMIN BONZI: No. Never suffered from a groin injury.

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