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May 31, 2017

Pablo Carreno Busta

Paris, France


7-5, 6-4, 4-6, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Spanish, please.

Q. How do you feel after this win? Is it special to reach victory No. 100?
PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: Of course. I'm very happy. I have reached that level that is 100 wins. I don't think that everybody can do this. A lot of players, of course, but not all of the players.

And I hope I have many wins to come.

Q. The other day you were saying that when you're on the court what you're trying to do is to be in control and on top of the game, the match, and you're dictating more and more the match. Now, maybe in the future, you'll say something a bit different, because Grigor is a different player?
PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: Yes, of course Grigor I suppose is in the top 15. I don't know his exact ranking, but he's an excellent player. And he's had this ranking for several years already. Therefore, his position is very strong, and these are matches that I will have to play to know at which level I am now.

Grigor has won his matches quite easily. He's almost lost no set. He's the favorite. But who knows? If I can dictate the game, if I can impose my style, maybe I'll have a few chances to win. I think I might win the match, as well.

Q. Now, we have said 100 wins. Which is the one you prefer?
PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: I don't know. I'm just out of the courts. What could I say?

I don't know. I really don't know. Well, yeah. When I won this match against Bautista to get my first win or Monfils at Monte-Carlo -- a while ago already -- well, many of these matches are matches that I will remember that were very good matches. But these matches, you see, represented something because of the opponent, because of the moment, because of the tournament.

But right now, I don't know. I'm so tired, I must say.

Q. I suppose this evening or perhaps tonight you're going to dream. What about this dream? What's it going to be like?
PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: Well, I'll probably dream that there was this break point I couldn't win. Otherwise, no, I'll try and rest. And I sleep very well. Very well. I'm really calm. I don't dream of anything.

In any case, I'll have to focus for the match to come, even though tomorrow I will play doubles. It's not my priority, but I will have to play as best as I can for these doubles.

Q. When did you play against him? Which Grand Slam?
PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: The US Open and Wimbledon, as well. On Court No. 1. Otherwise it was Raonic.

Q. If you were to say which is the toughest win, is it today?
PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: Yeah. Well, of course, you know, playing against Federer was tough. The first time I played in a Grand Slam, as well. Maybe the US Open court is difficult to play on because it's so huge, and with a roof it was so impressive.

But then when I played against Federer at Roland Garros in singles, you know, the fact that you play on center court is always something very pleasant. And for the Grand Slam, the courts are bigger.

Q. Do you remember your first win on the ATP Tour? Do you remember this well? If yes, what would you say? What about your memories?
PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: That was against Pablo Andujar in Casa Blanca. I remember I had not slept well.

And before that, I had won 30 matches in futures. I had won these matches, but then I was starting to lose against Kevin Anderson. But that year I had very good results.

You know, when you win your first match on this circuit, then it's something to be remembered. And at the time, my coach was telling me that there would be many more wins to come, which is the case.

Q. Now, what is the thing you are really proud of during this whole process?
PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: As a player, I have developed a lot. I don't think I have ever, ever stagnated. Of course you can't always go up your ranking, because each week that comes is difficult. You can't always go up the ranking.

But then maybe I stayed at the same ranking for three or four months. Otherwise I have always gone up. I think I'm No. 20 or 21, but my point is to continue and improve and move forward.

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