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June 1, 2017

Chloe Paquet

Paris, France

C. GARCIA/C. Paquet

7-5, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. When we watched the match, I mean, I'm just wondering why you have such a ranking, 260.
CHLOE PAQUET: People won't understand, true. I'm quite erratic during the year. I'm not consistent enough. Unfortunately, I need to work on that. I need to be more consistent day in and day out.

If I can make strides on this front, I'll be able to be a better player.

Q. What was your approach to the match against a French player? We know that it's always special.
CHLOE PAQUET: Yes, it's special. Delighted to play against Caroline. I felt reassured. She's a super player. I know her very well. I watched her on TV. I know her game by heart. I know the assets, weaknesses.

I was looking forward to playing this match, to play against a very good player today. I was not apprehensive. It's quite strange. I wanted to be on court and to pick up a fight against her.

Q. How did you feel the atmosphere on Court No. 1, a special court? This is what people say about Court No. 1.
CHLOE PAQUET: People are close to us. I played against a French player, so it was great. People were cheering me on, saying, Go on, Chloe, go on, Chloe. There were some family members, and they cheered me on. I could hear them. It was a great experience. Court No. 1, I wish I could play again on this court.

Q. You said that you are not consistent enough. Do you know the reason why?
CHLOE PAQUET: In my mind, as I told you, I'm quite erratic, because I want to achieve perfection, so negative feelings will invade me. So I want to give the best of myself, especially in France. But when you are at the other end of the world, it's not always easy to be consistent.

So with my coach, I want to concentrate on that. I don't want to pass judgment on myself. I need to be more positive. If I can play the way I played today, I will be able to advance.

Q. Will you have a problem of motivation following what you have achieved here at the French Open? You will take part in small tournaments?
CHLOE PAQUET: No problem with playing minor tournaments. I'm aware of that. It's great to play at the French Open, but I need to make progress in order to play big tournaments. There's a big difference between the ITF tour and the Grand Slam tournaments.

So I will play in Marseilles next week, the 100,000 tournament.

Q. You said that minor tournaments are part of your life.
CHLOE PAQUET: Yes, are part of my life, but I hope that I will make progress in order to play WTA tournaments and Grand Slams, as well. So this week I have proved to myself that I have a good level of tennis, and this dispels some doubts in my mind after this week.

Q. The second serve isn't very good. Are you going to work on that?
CHLOE PAQUET: I'm not used to play on big courts, so I was under stress to a certain extent. My left arm was tight, especially on the serve.

I made seven double faults. Of course it could have been worse. My serve could be a weapon, but today my serve let me down, so I need to work on my serve more.

Q. It was a tight match at the end of the day. Did you feel that you could win the match and advance to the third round? What did you think?
CHLOE PAQUET: I knew that I could put her in a difficult situation. I could hurt her. With my coach, we thought that we could make it. Even though Caroline is a good player, I could have won the match with a little bit of luck. It didn't materialize, but no doubt I could have won the match.

Q. You have talked about consistency. But what's the difference between a player with your ranking and the best players in the world? Do you think that you can put in some effort in terms of practice? I mean, are you under the impression that you are doing the same job as the others?
CHLOE PAQUET: Yes, of course. On a daily basis we want to focus on the bright side. My parents help me quite a lot. I want to be a better player, a better tennis player.

If you compare Caroline and myself in terms of the level, there isn't much difference. But on crucial points, she will deliver the appropriate shot.

So that's the main difference. So you have to be consistent all year long.

Q. You will turn 23, and there are some players who are already in the top 100. Any doubts in your mind?
CHLOE PAQUET: I don't think about my age. There are lots of players having an impact belatedly. I started playing good tennis when I was 17 or 18, at a time when other players are also in the top 100.

I got my A Levels, so I wanted to focus on my education. But if in two years' time, if, at 24 years of age I'm in the top 100, I mean, no problem for me. It will be okay. It will suit me.

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