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June 2, 2017

Shelby Rogers

Paris, France


7-5, 4-6, 8-6


Q. Looked like things were going your way in the third set and she went on a tear from 2-5 down. Did you do anything different to let her back in? How did it swing like that?
SHELBY ROGERS: Yeah, I felt like I kept doing the same thing. She didn't really miss a ball. I think she elevated her game. You know, big round of applause for her. She played very well.

Q. It's a dramatic setting, maybe an intimidating setting. What, did you have to try to shut out the stage, so to speak?
SHELBY ROGERS: Yeah, it's great. The French fans are awesome. They love their French players, and it's a really cool atmosphere, I guess, try to pretend they are cheering for me. They have the wave going and everything. It's nice to see the fans of tennis like that.

It's not the first time I have been in that setting and I knew what to expect. You just gotta try to focus on what you're there to do, and, you know, do the best you can.

Q. Overall, what's your feeling about this tournament run? Third round, good last match against a good player.
SHELBY ROGERS: Absolutely. I think it was a lot of positives to take from this tournament. Even today, you know, let the first set get away, then refocused, played really well. So I'm proud of myself for doing that. Coming back in the second and fighting till the end.

You know, it's a long season, a long year ahead. Hopefully we'll build on this tournament.

Q. The game was interrupted a few minutes. Can you talk about that moment? Did you know how long it would be before you would come back?
SHELBY ROGERS: I knew it wouldn't be that long. The wind was picking up, I figured it would blow over. Neither one of us wanted to play in lightning. That's not very smart.

Q. Where do you go from here?
SHELBY ROGERS: I'm staying here. On to the grass. Hopefully will enjoy Paris a couple more days. Just take a couple days off. Kind of recover and reset.

Q. The next round for Mladenovic is against Muguruza. What do you think of that match? Who, for you, is the favorite?
SHELBY ROGERS: I think they both have a lot of motivation to win. Mladenovic is at home. She wants to impress her friends and fans and family. Muguruza is obviously defending the tournament. I think it will be a very exciting match.

Q. What is she like as an opponent? She was shouting a lot and showing a lot of emotion.
SHELBY ROGERS: I couldn't hear that. Everybody was shouting (smiling).

Yeah, I'm sure she got fired up. I was just trying to focus on my side.

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