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June 3, 2017

Carla Suarez Navarro

Paris, France

C. NAVARRO/E. Vesnina

6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Assuming that you play Halep in the next round, it's not done yet, I'm from Romania so this is the reason why I ask this. First of all, you won all the matches against Halep on clay until now. How would you describe the match for the quarterfinals now in French Open? This would be basically the second game you play against Halep here in Paris.
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO: Well, you know, she's a really tough player. She's one of the favorites for me in clay. We have tough battles in the past.

Yeah, maybe I won, but really, really tough. Also in three sets sometimes. So I know her game. She knows me. I think we play like we have to play in clay, so will be tough. For sure, we have to wait. She's in the middle of the match, but it will be tough.

Q. Do you remember that match you had, last one in Rome two years ago, that fantastic semifinal, two hours and a half? You came back from 4-5 and 0-30.
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO: Yes, it's impossible forget that match. We both finish really tired and it was an amazing match, I think, for the people, for the crowd.

I played really good. I think also she played really good. Well, when we go on court, we want to always give our best, try to play our best tennis.

So if that happens, the crowd will enjoy for sure and the best will win.

Q. Speaking about the crowd, who do you think that the crowd will support on this match?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO: I don't know. I want to say me (smiling). You know, she play one year here the final, so she's a lovely girl. She play really good.

I don't know. But we will see what happen.

Q. How would you describe in one or two words the current form of Simona on clay?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO: Really good (smiling).

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Spanish.

Q. 5-4, you called your physio. What was it? Was it the knee? How do you feel? Do you think it was a threat to your match?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO: No, I called my physio because I wanted to make sure. I had a slight pain which appeared, but no major deal. I don't think it was a threat at that point to my match. I already feel much better now. I'm able to run quite easily.

It's something that appeared today. It's not something I had before. So I feel great for the next match.

Q. Was it the left knee or the right knee? I think you touched your left knee.
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO: Or maybe because it was itching. You know, sometimes I scratch my elbows. Maybe it's just because I'm nervous. It's not because of the pain.

Q. You seem to be very happy. It seems like the injuries of the past years are now behind, right?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO: Yes. I wouldn't say I'm euphoric when I win or extremely sad when I lose. I think I'm fairly balanced today. My morale is fairly balanced. Last year in Monterrey, I was unable to reach my objectives. You know, I really want to enjoy when I play tennis. I want to take pleasure when I'm on the court, which is really something I do here.

Also because, you know, you can rest for a day, a day and a half. I have been fortunate so far because I played in the morning, which means you can rest in the afternoon and then the next day.

I feel great right now. I'm waiting for my next match. I'm prepared for my opponent. You know, I'm getting a little bit older, so it's also important to enjoy, you know, the good moments and your time off and sort of leave the bad or negative moments behind.

Q. I don't want to reveal any results at this point, but could you tell us about Simona?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO: Well, yes, the previous journalist asked me a question about her as if she had already won, which is not the case, I don't think. She's a favorite. She's been a long-time favorite as a matter of fact on clay. She's very talented on clay surface.

I think it will be a very tough match. I consider her today as being one of the best players in the world. I don't think that it will be any different during the next match. She's very consistent. She can play very aggressively, but she's also very defensive when necessary.

I think she's probably one of the most complete, comprehensive players. She knows how to do everything. We know each other very well, as I said before. If I can play my top level and if she can play good tennis, I think it will be a great performance for the public.

Kasatkina is younger, but she's really come a very long way. She plays very well also on clay. I don't know her that well. We have trained together, but I know that she's younger, and the fact she's younger makes a difference. Her coach is extremely experienced, and he knows me very well.

Yeah, at this point, I guess we shall see. I guess we see what comes out of that match first, and then we will know who my opponent will be.

Q. You always said that you like to play on clay. Saying it is one thing. Doing it is another thing. You may play Simona Halep in two days. Do you think this might be the trigger match for you, which will confirm that you're a top player on clay?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO: It depends. It really depends, as I said. I think that it's the kind of match that can really help you. It can make you make a huge amount of progress in just one match.

Q. You said you were happy. You said you enjoyed playing and took great pleasure. The past season was not very good. Would you say that now that it's behind you're sort of starting with a new momentum, a fresh momentum, a new cycle?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO: I think so. I think so. When I come to the French Open, people have gotten used to seeing me win. And you're right. My last year has not been a very good year. I have played opponents who were very good and who sometimes won matches. Sometimes, you know, people tend to focus more on other players, and they sort of leave you aside, but that's not a big deal.

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