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June 3, 2017

Marin Cilic

Paris, France

M. CILIC/F. Lopez

6-1, 6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. On paper that looked like a comfortable win. Did you always feel in control of the match?
MARIN CILIC: Yeah, definitely. I played extremely well today. And I would say the conditions were a little bit slower today than these other days. When we started the court was quite heavy, and I felt that suited me much more than Feliciano.

I was returning extremely well today. So that helped me to, I think, neutralize his big serve. And then off the ground I was playing really, really good.

And overall, I think I was, you know, keeping good control over the course of the match and had breaks in all of the sets quite early. In the second one, he came back, but I felt that I was still playing really well. So that's a good win for me today.

Q. And what's your assessment of your form and fitness going into week two here at Roland Garros?
MARIN CILIC: The form is quite good, I have to say. I'm feeling really well and definitely with the fitness. I haven't spent too much time on the court and, you know, won all the matches quite straightforward. Didn't lose too much energy. And that's definitely extremely important for upcoming week.

Q. Back in Istanbul when we talked, you said that your quarterfinal match and your semifinal match there were the two best matches that you had played up to that point in 2017. Do you feel that you're at that form or even better at this moment?
MARIN CILIC: I would still consider that those two matches were one of the best of my form. And maybe I would add also a match with Goffin in Rome. I played extremely well there.

And, you know, I think in these last three matches, I played really consistently well. And, you know, keeping that high level of tennis is definitely a big part.

Q. Again, in Istanbul the people that make the course there, they claim that it's the same surface that they have here in Roland Garros. Do you find now that it's pretty close or similar or no?
MARIN CILIC: Yeah, I think so. You know, the difficulty over there is that the stadium is a little bit closed and, you know, it doesn't get so much sun in there, but it felt good during the week.

And over here, you know, just today, because it's a little bit heavier outside, there is not much sun, it's a little bit, you know, colder than last few days. So I feel that that's the reason why the courts are a little bit slower.

Q. You are set to play Kyle Edmund or Kevin Anderson next. And that could be an explosive match-up because both you and your opponents have got some very big shots in your locker.
MARIN CILIC: Yeah, yeah, definitely.

They are in the fifth set. We're going to see who is going to go through. But both Kevin and Kyle are big hitters and definitely that match I'm expecting tough battle. So I have to get ready.

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