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May 17, 2003

Cameron Beckman


TODD BUDNICK: Let's get back to being in the same position as last year and talk a little bit about what you learned rom last year and what you will do differently tomorrow.

CAMERON BECKMAN: Yes, it's been a year. I have played a lot of golf since then. This year I haven't played as well. I haven't played terrible, it's been kind of mediocre. Basically the first third of the year, I decided it was over. I was going to start over basically this week and see if I could get better as the year went on. I really want to try to redeem myself. I was kind of embarrassed about last year. And that alone -- first of all, I love the 2 golf courses so that helps. I just want to play well, I guess I am a little refocussed.

Q. When you say embarrassed about last year because you didn't finish as well as you liked, what part did you not like?

CAMERON BECKMAN: I got two weeks in a row last year. I played MCI final group and I played with Shigeki. I played poorly both weeks. I know you got to learn. So that's embarrassing to me. I don't know what I shot. What did I shoot last year?

TODD BUDNICK: I think 77.

CAMERON BECKMAN: Yes. I think I finished eighth or something like that. It's just kind of a challenge for myself to see what I can do tomorrow and, you know, I don't know the conditions. Has anyone heard about the weather tomorrow? I just don't know what to expect as far as that goes. But Vijay is such a world class player that you never know.

Q. He isn't a guy to be chasing on Sunday, is he?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Well, he is tough. He is going to have to have the golf gods against him as they say I think. I was reading in the paper today, he is here for one reason and that's all he is thinking about. So there is no secret he will be tough to beat.

Q. Anything specifically that you feel like you may have learned since then?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Yes, even when you are not in the final position playing on Sundays, my Sunday scoring average hasn't been as good I think, I go out and try too hard. I don't play the same way. I can that when I'm in 30th place. So it's just about handling situations and making the right decisions and thinking straight when you are out there nervous. I think I am getting a little more relaxed and hopefully I will be able to handle it better than I have before. Although I have won.

Q. Cameron, talk about the comfort factor of a 2 week swing here in your home state, maybe you see some familiar faces out there?

CAMERON BECKMAN: It's nice. We got to drive up here, throw my stuff in the car and drove up here. I love Dallas. I played a bunch up here when I played the mini tours. I won the state open. I love Texas and I feel I am at home and to have family with me is nice. I just enjoyed these two weeks.

Q. Did you stay on one of these courses, Four Seasons?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Stone Bridge Country Club.

Q. You have like your mother, dad, something like that?

CAMERON BECKMAN: Yes, my in-laws are here.

Q. What kind of things have you tried (indaudible)?

CAMERON BECKMAN: You can ask yourself what's the score for tomorrow? I'm so tired of myself trying to figure that out. Thinking too much, so to speak. Go out and play. I'm going to try to go out and do that rather than get hung up, what's the score, what is everybody doing. You get out of your game that you can't play. That's what I tried to do today on the back round. I wasn't paying attention to what every one else was doing. I knew I could make birdies. I knew if I could get in 9 or 10, it would be good.

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