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June 10, 2017

Lexi Thompson

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Q. Lexi, 17 under par through three rounds. How would you describe these first three rounds? You're in the lead heading into Sunday.
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, they've been going really well. Today was a lot windier than the last two days, so there was just more shot making and some pins were pretty difficult to get to. It was more just making pars and getting off the hole.

But I'm playing very well and making some good putts, so hopefully just continue that tomorrow.

Q. Like you said, definitely a lot more windy today. Did you have to adjust sort of your game plan and maybe hit some different clubs?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, there was a few different clubs, but more just different lines and just committing to them. There are a lot of crosswinds you have to same way right or way left and just trust that it'll come back into the fairway - and hopefully stay in the fairway.

Q. When you sleep on a lead like this, does the preparation or game plan change at all?
LEXI THOMPSON: Not at all. Same routine getting ready: sleep in a little bit and then do a little workout in the morning, warmup. Same routine as the last three days honestly.

Q. You played with a Canadian today. How was the crowd? How was the reception?
LEXI THOMPSON: It was great. It was nice to play with Alena, and the crowd absolutely loves her. Hearing the cheers is always nice. The fans are great out here, so hopefully get a lot more tomorrow.

Q. One question: You already have a win on tour this season. How much does that help your confidence going into tomorrow?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, definitely helps. Winning always helps confidence. Just going to focus on one shot at a time tomorrow and do my routine and stick the same game plan I had the last three days.

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