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June 10, 2017

Brooke Henderson

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Q. (In progress.)
BROOKE HENDERSON: You know, I started out a little bit shaky and got a little bit shaky in the middle. I made a lot of birdies to kind of compensate.

And to finish the way I did, you know, birdie 16, which is a tough par-5, make a good par save on 17, and then to finish on 18 like that with the crazy amount of fans. I was looking around and it was really incredible.

Make birdie there. Make them have something to cheer about this week was really cool. And, you know, 4-under, it got really windy out, there so I'm really happy. 68, got to move up a little bit. Hopefully tomorrow I can make a little bit bigger climb.

Q. How about your putting? Today was your best putting performance statistics-wise. Did you feel things were rolling in or not?
BROOKE HENDERSON: No, it was a rough go with the putter today. But, you know, with that being said, I made a couple putts when I really needed to. I made one 16, 17, and 18 to finish really strong. Again, I made one on 2 that kind of saved my round.

So, you know, I made a couple putts out there, but really a little bit disappointing. I'll go hit few putts right now, and hopefully tomorrow be a little bit better.

Q. Here on 18 did you think you were going to get that nearly that great roll?
BROOKE HENDERSON: No. You know, I hit it and I was like, Uh-oh. I knew that it would release a lot. The pin was 97, I belive, and we were trying to land it between 80 and 85.

I knew it was going to roll a lot, but as soon as I hit it I thought it was a little bit short. Fortunately, maybe it's the hometown or home-course advantage that I had or bounce that I got, but really happy to finish like that.

Q. Drives have been great all week. The drive on 18, was that maybe the longest of the tournament?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Maybe, yeah. I didn't measure it, but, you know, I've hit some really good drives. I've also got -- you know, once I've hit it really well got some good bounces, and sometimes it's downwind, too, which always helps.

Q. Compared to last year, not your golf game, but you as a person, how much more comfortable do you feel out here?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, definitely with crowds I feel a lot better and I'm really embracing them and trying to feed off their energy.

I feel like I'm a lot better at that than I was the last few years. That's always a work in progress and continuing to work on it. To see the number of people on 18 was really amazing.

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