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June 10, 2017

Caroline Masson

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Q. Walk me through it. Obviously No. 17 is a little tricky, but that green slopes kind of directly towards the hole. What was the play there on 17 today? What was your reaction when it went in the hole?
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I mean, it's really (wind interference) so I think you almost have to hit it in the perfect spot (wind interference) just in front of the green, because then it's going to release all the way down to the hole.

So I hit it good, kind of where I wanted to. Was kind of watching it release a little bit on the green and started walking, and, yeah, it disappeared. I'm glad I saw it disappear. I almost didn't see it.

But it was fun. I didn't have a lot going for me today. No putts made at all. Actually I told my caddie I think we have to hole-out to get something going here because we can't make any putts.

I guess I got to try a little more often.

Q. What club?

Q. How far?
CAROLINE MASSON: So I think it was -- I can't tell you the -- I think it was 147, but it's meters, so that would be -- I don't know.

Q. We'll figure it out.
CAROLINE MASSON: Like kind of 60 I think to the pin, something like that. Yeah.

Really you're just trying to cover the front because it's going to release. Always a little lucky. I've come close few times and that's my first one in a tournament.

Q. Do you know how many you've had overall?

Q. First one in tournament. Oh, wow. So another good memory from this golf tournament, winning last year and the hole-in-one here.
CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I mean, it's cool. It's special. My mom is here. Nice for her to see it as well. Just fun. Hopefully gets me going a little bit for tomorrow.

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