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June 10, 2017

Jackie Stoelting

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Q. Tremendous 8-under par. Jackie, what was working well for you out there today?
JACKIE STOELTING: I hit a lot of the shots close and then made a lot of putts early on. I think I turned at 5-under, so that really helped my momentum.

I made a couple bogeys on the back nine, too, but I had ten birdies today. It was an awesome day.

Q. Did you have sort of an objective coming into today? Obviously it's moving day and you need to kind of climb up that leaderboard? Did you kind of come in saying, It's time to put the pedal down?
JACKIE STOELTING: Yeah, I mean, to be honest, this was my fourth cut in a row, and the last three cuts I've moved the opposite direction on Saturday.

Er really tried to play a little bit more aggressive today. My husband is on the bag, and he kept saying, If we can get to 10-under for the weekend I think that's pretty good.

Obviously we exceeded that today. I put myself in good position. Obviously I know -- I'm sure some girls are going to shoot low. Hopefully I'll be in a good position going into tomorrow.

Q. What does a round like this do for your confidence as you move through the latter part of the season?
JACKIE STOELTING: It's huge. You know, I think I'm sort of a trending player. This time last year I played on the Symetra Tour and I had a few events in a row.

I played my Open qualifier, got through, and I just played my Open qualifier Monday, and I'm first alternate, so hopefully I'll get in.

Then I started playing really well. I finished I think 13th the next week and then won the next two. So I think play better the more I play. Obviously going in the right direction right now, and I'm excited about it.

Q. Take us through the round. Obviously a lot of things were working for you. Any particular thing that was the key?
JACKIE STOELTING: I started off with a birdie and it broke about two feet. Probably only like a 12-footer, so that was really solid, to start with a birdie.

I had three birdies in a row coming on the front nine, so 7, 8, and 9. I hit several close.

On the last hole, I went -- my husband, who is my caddie, wanted me to hit wedge. I hit choke-9. He was like, I told you it was a wedge. But, you know, when it's going your way things like that happen where they hit the flag stick. It was just one of those days where things were going right.

I even had two bogeys. It's been a while since I've had ten birdies in one round, and I'm very happy about that.

Q. When you're in a round like that you've got to be aware that you're playing really well. Are you in a zone? Do you think about it?
JACKIE STOELTING: Yeah, I would say a zone is the right word for it, especially making the turn. I haven't birdied 9 the last two days. I've actually had to make par saves.

Today we played the hole a lot smarter and had a good two-putt for birdie, and that kind of kept my momentum going.

Q. Earlier this year got off to kind of a rough start. I think you missed the cut in five of your first seven tournaments. Last three tournaments you've made the cut and you're playing a little bit better. Do you feel like your game has turned around, especially with how you played today?
JACKIE STOELTING: Yeah, absolutely. I was actually in contention at the Kia Classic, and that was my first cut, and then I was in contention in my first cut.

At one point, you know, it was kind of like today where I was in the lead at one point, but that was kind of in the middle of my round and I kind of faltered.

Obviously, you know, I'm early. There's going to be girls I'm sure going to shoot low this afternoon.

But ever since the Kia Classic I've felt a lot more confident and comfortable out here. That was my biggest thing a couple years ago. I struggled just feeling comfortable and like I belonged. Now I really do feel like I belong here.

I'm just more happy this year, which really helps as well.

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