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July 29, 2005

Vijay Singh


VIJAY SINGH: "It's sad that it happened, not only just for the Presidents Cup but for the rest of his year, you know. I'm sure he's disappointed. I'm sure we're all disappointed. I'm sure the Presidents Cup team is going to be disappointed he cannot play. But just having him there, I think it would be a nice thing to just show up and be part of the team anyway, you know, be supportive that way. The team will miss him more than he's going to miss the team I think, you know. I think that we needed him, so we just have to make do."

Q. You'd like him to be there just for his presence?

VIJAY SINGH: "Yeah, I think he will be anyway. I think he would be missed on the team anyway, but Ernie's Ernie. He's a big force not only for the Presidents Cup, but the whole world of golf. It's a shame that this happened."

Q. It's going to be a little bit strange going into a major without Ernie playing at the PGA in a couple of weeks, won't it? It's somebody, it's a name that people look for on a leaderboard.

VIJAY SINGH: "Sure. He's a big part of, you know, golf. He's one of the top ranked players in the world forever. I just hope for a speedy recovery and that he can come back and be in the Presidents Cup, and if he's out for the whole year, that's a big loss."

Q. Would that do anything to kind of the mindset of International Team of him not being there? Would it make the International Team play a little bit harder, because you know with him in the lineup, you can kind of count on him for a halve at times, if not a win, in the foursomes?

VIJAY SINGH: "Not only Ernie, but my record has not been the best in the Presidents Cup, too (laughing). If you look at it that way, I don't think you know, name wise, it's going to be a big loss, you know. But playing wise, I have one of the worst records in the Presidents Cup, and Ernie, as well. So from that point of view, you know, it doesn't really make any difference (more laughter). But name wise, it can make a hell of a lot of difference. And he's intimidating. Ernie is Ernie. He's a very intimidating player. You put somebody else against Ernie, they are going to be thinking about it. It makes people play a lot harder when you play against Ernie. He's going to be missed. I'm going to call him up and see how he's doing."

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