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June 9, 2017

Perrine Delacour

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Q. 10-under today. That's a dream round. Have you ever had anything close to that in your career?
PERRINE DELACOUR: I had already 9-under. 10-under is my really best round. I made ten birdies; made like all the green in regulation; I had pretty good putting today.

Q. It's kind of a dream round. Were you thinking about it during the round our did you just let it happen?
PERRINE DELACOUR: No, just let it happen. One time 6-under, 5-under, I didn't know. Then like when I'm done I ask my caddie, Did I shoot 10-under? He's like, Yeah, I think so.

So I didn't look at the score at all.

Q. By the way, that's a competitive course record, male or female, the 62, so that's pretty impressive.

Q. What did you think the secret was today?
PERRINE DELACOUR: Just the putting. Yesterday I hit like 17 greens; I couldn't make any putts.

Then today I had a really good putting. I spend like 20 minutes yesterday on the putting green and I fix it, so...

Q. How great does it feel to birdie 18 and come off knowing you head into round three the leader?
PERRINE DELACOUR: Really good. That was a really good shot I made it, and then the putt got in, so it was perfect. Good feeling for the weekend.

Q. Earlier in the season I think you missed five cuts in a row. It hasn't been the greatest season for you. Is this kind of something you were hoping would happen sooner?
PERRINE DELACOUR: So last year I was injured, so I had like last two years really hard. I had like a lot of injuries and everything.

This year was starting really good. Last week I played good but I couldn't making my putts. So this week I made a lot of putts right now, so it's good.

Q. You might be in the lead or close to the lead after today. What do you do overnight? May be new territory for you.
PERRINE DELACOUR: I already been leading the tournament actually in Kingsmill two years ago. I'm just going to rest. I am going to do a little bit of putting and then maybe hit a couple balls and then I am going to rest.

Q. Did the course play extra soft today?
PERRINE DELACOUR: It was kind of the same as yesterday. Then the pin was pretty much every time front of the green, so I had like pretty much every time wedge to hit on the green.

It's easier to stop when you have the wedge instead of 7-iron.

Q. Where does this rank on things you have done on a golf course, course record?

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