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June 7, 2017

Sarfraz Ahmed

Edgbaston, Birmingham

Pakistan won by 19 runs (D/L method)

Q. Can you explain the difference? On Sunday you weren't very good and today you were excellent?
SARFRAZ AHMED: Today I think the difference was our bowling and fielding.

Q. What did you do to make them better, the fielding in particular? What did you concentrate on to make it better?
SARFRAZ AHMED: I think actually we did no fielding at all. We had rain the other day, so actually we did nothing (Laughter). So that's why, you know, our players are already boost up from yesterday I think. So everything's right on things.

Q. Did you or the coach say anything to the players?
SARFRAZ AHMED: Yes, we had a meeting yesterday and we had a very good meeting - talking all day about batting and fielding and bowling. If you play ICC Champions Trophy, a big event, make sure you are fielding very well. So credit goes to the players, who fielded fantastically well.

Q. Was it a case of the coach shouting at the players, or just telling them that they had to do better?
SARFRAZ AHMED: No, not shouting. You know, our coaching staff is very good. You know, they are backing us after the defeat, but they have very well supported us. That's why we played a good game today.

Q. AB de Villiers said yesterday that he thought you had just two part-time spinners and they wouldn't be much pressure for South Africa. What do you have to say to that in terms of how you responded?
SARFRAZ AHMED: I don't think we have two part-timers. We have two regular spinners, Imad Wasim and Shadab Khan. And today Shadab Khan only just bowled five overs because Mohammed Hafeez and Wasim bowled really well, and they took the pressure off for us. They took three wickets early on.

Q. Can you tell us more about the bowling? The bowling was different today. Against India you went for 72 runs off four overs at the end. Was there a different plan? If so, what was it?
SARFRAZ AHMED: Yeah, actually, we had a good bowling meeting yesterday. We thought about it, they have a good batting side. So make sure you are bowling right areas, good thing today, we took wickets. If you take wickets, every good team gets under pressure.

Q. You seemed to feed off the energy of the crowd really well and in turn they fed off of you. Is there some sort of relationship that really kind of gathers energy over the course of your innings? Can you feel it when you're on the field?
SARFRAZ AHMED: That is a feeling we miss, not playing in Pakistan. Maybe that was a difference, the crowd was supporting us and that's why the players boosted up and today was I think credit goes to the crowd as well. They support us very much I think.

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