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June 6, 2017

J.R. Smith

Cleveland, Ohio: Practice Day

Q. Do you feel like you have to post up LeBron more? Go to small ball? Go bigger?
J.R. SMITH: I'm not really sure. That's for the coaches to figure out. I'll let them do their job; they let me do mine. So whatever game plan they figure out, we'll try to execute to the best of our ability.

Bron is very versatile. He can go inside, outside, obviously. So I'm not exactly sure.

Q. Personally, what do you think you could bring to the table?
J.R. SMITH: Focus. Better focus on the defensive end. I got two really dumb fouls, the one on K.D. on a four-point play, and then I fouled Steph in transition and he go got three shots at the free throw line. I just have to be solid. No fouls. Try to stay in the game as much as you can without fouling. And other than that, any other opportunity I can get to try to make something happen.

Q. The deficit is the same as last year. But because K.D. is on the other side this year, do you feel like there's a bigger challenge this year or a bigger hill to climb?
J.R. SMITH: No, I wouldn't say that. They won 73 games last year. They're still a really good team from last year. They're still the Warriors. We have to figure out a way to get a W.

Q. How significant is it to be at home for you individually? Do you think that kind of gets you going in the direction you want to be going coming back here?
J.R. SMITH: Playing at home, it's always one of my favorite places to play, as opposed to playing in certain cities and stuff like that. Whenever you're playing at home, you feel like you got a good routine. I'm just happy to be back so I can spend time with my daughter. I hope that that brings me enough joy to come out here and do what I love to do.

Q. A lot of times during the course of a game something will happen that will blow up on social media before the game is even over. Do you ever see that stuff after the game where you get surprised what it is that they're talking about?
J.R. SMITH: Yeah, I see it. My friends, we all group chat and stuff like that. Whether you let it affect you or not is a different story. Social media at this point, everybody's going to be on there doing something ridiculous.

Q. Is it a challenge to not let it affect you?
J.R. SMITH: Is it a challenge? No, no. If you let something silly on social media affect you, then you're mentally weak anyway. So it doesn't really matter.

Q. What were your friends showing you?
J.R. SMITH: They were showing me the fight that broke out in front of me and LeBron [at the end of Game 2]. It was just a crazy moment.

Q. It looked like you were trying to protect LeBron from the fight.
J.R. SMITH: Yeah, I can't let nobody get close to the King. I'm one of his knights. That's what I'm here for.

Q. What do you feel like you have to do to get back to where you were, especially offensively, in last year's Finals?
J.R. SMITH: Honestly, nothing. I've gotten the same looks the first two games this year and last year. It's just a matter of continuing to do what I did last year. When I came home, I got a lot more touches, open shots, open looks, was more aggressive. Pretty much nothing has really changed from the first two games this year or last year.

Q. There's been some speculation after Game 2 that Ty would consider swapping you and Iman. Is that something that Ty's talked to you about?
J.R. SMITH: No, he hasn't.

Q. Are you comfortable with that role, coming off the bench in Game 3?
J.R. SMITH: I don't care. If we win, it doesn't matter to me. If I'm in a suit or whatever, if we win the championship, we all get rings.

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