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June 4, 2017

Tim Tadlock

Tanner Gardner

Lubbock, Texas

Sam Houston State - 9, Texas Tech - 8

TIM TADLOCK: Congratulations to Sam Houston State. They played a great game. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Tanner, it just seemed like y'all missed a lot of chances, put eight runs up there too late, but you missed a lot of opportunities you could have capitalized on today. Did it kind of build on you at any point?
TANNER GARDNER: I think that's how baseball goes. Sometimes you're looking for a big hit to come up every once in a while. Tonight it happened in a few spots, but there could have been other opportunities where a big hit would have been necessary and would have boosted us, given us some confidence through the lineup and stuff. We were just waiting on that big hit to happen, and unfortunately it didn't come through tonight.

Q. Tanner, outside of your home run, their lefties seemed to be really hard on you guys' lefty. What made them so difficult the entire game?
TANNER GARDNER: Yeah, I didn't see any fastballs. That's probably the biggest deal. I think three at-bats, three lefties, I think I saw maybe one fastball. That's the biggest thing. Just trying to bear down and not swing at balls is the biggest thing for me when it comes to left-handers.

Q. Tanner, just to kind of search for a positive in tonight, do you feel like the way you guys were able to battle back in the ninth, maybe you can lean on experiences that this ballclub has been through before with the veterans that are on it to be able to know what it's like in that type of position tomorrow?
TANNER GARDNER: Yeah, we can build on that for sure, and that's kind of the one thing that the short time in the locker room just now is kind of the atmosphere and the mood in there is just build off what we were ending up there in the ninth and putting some runs on the board and building off that is a key aspect of where we're going into tomorrow.

Q. Coach, leaving 11 runners on the base tonight, six of them in scoring position, when you lose a one-run game, how bad does that hurt you guys?
TIM TADLOCK: Well, I'll tell you, I mean, obviously it hurts to lose, and to come away in a one-run game. But I'll tell you this: Everybody that we had up there, we'll take them up there in those situations. I will take Grant Little at the plate every day right there in the bottom of the ninth with the tying run on third.

Q. What did you think about Clay and the couple at-bats he had tonight?
TIM TADLOCK: I thought he was solid. I really did. I thought the double, I thought he put a good swing on that ball, and he's doing a good job when he's getting a good pitch to hit, he's moving on it. Hasn't had a whole lot of at-bats lately, but looked like he was very competitive today.

Q. Do you know who you're going to start tomorrow?
TIM TADLOCK: Haven't decided.

Q. Will Davis Martin be available?

Q. Can you talk about Sam Houston's two-out hitting? I think they had four RBIs with two outs, and a couple errors hurt you guys, as well, on the field.
TIM TADLOCK: Well, I'll tell you, I think the three-run inning early, they created it with some hit and run. I thought they did a really good job there. I thought Matt did a good job getting them in motion, and then the three-run inning in the eighth, that's just -- that's a tough deal, and they did have some two-out hits. I think all those runs were with two outs, and good offensive teams have the ability to do that, and they kept stringing some at-bats together.

Q. Same question I asked Tanner. How much of the talk in the locker room was we've been in this position before, we've had veterans who have gone through plenty of experiences like you can have tomorrow that you can lean on and hopefully to be able to see you through?
TIM TADLOCK: Yeah, I'm sure there's some guys that can lean on their experience. I think all these guys at this point in the year have played in some big games and played in some rubber matches on Sunday. So I think everybody will be looking forward to tomorrow. There's obviously some guys in there that haven't been through it, and tomorrow is a new day. You've got to be ready to go tomorrow.

Q. Even when you guys were down four late in the game, all the fans stuck around, they were rowdy for you guys. How much of an impact was that for you?
TIM TADLOCK: I'll tell you, our fans have been awesome, through all the rain delays and everything and people staying at the ballpark. We've got some of the best baseball people and fans in the country. Obviously the energy they provide and the noise they provide is awesome for the guys, and you know, sometimes it's -- I wish we could have rewarded them, obviously, this evening.

Q. I know it might be easy to say Sam Houston or at least assume Sam Houston could be tired after being in a double header, but your thought on the toughness of playing a team that might be in a rhythm after beating Arizona today and they had scored a bunch of runs and trying to almost match that intensity that they're coming out with.
TIM TADLOCK: Well, we saw what good pitching does. I mean, Gingery pretty much zapped the momentum yesterday. Really that's where momentum starts in a baseball game. You go out and pitch and execute pitches, you've got a chance to shut some of that down and play defensively, obviously. It all goes hand in hand. But yeah, they're in a good spot right now from the standpoint of played a couple games in a row, and definitely swinging the bats good.

Q. Is Farhat going to be available tomorrow?
TIM TADLOCK: That's a good question.

Q. Is it the same injury that's been plaguing him --
TIM TADLOCK: I don't think I'm supposed to talk about injuries, so obviously he'd be in there.

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