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June 4, 2017

Steve Kerr

Oakland, California: Postgame

Warriors - 132, Cavaliers - 113

Q. Can you just talk about what it was like for you to be out there? Early on you were kind of looking up at the stands. Were you -- did it feel different? Did it make you appreciate it more?
COACH KERR: It felt great. Got a really nice reception from our fans and our players. It was just great to be on the sidelines again. That's what makes it so much fun, to feel the energy of The Finals. And so it's really nice to be back.

Q. Just wonder, Klay's been struggling a little bit, you know his game, did you work any plays or anything for him special tonight?
COACH KERR: No, I think I mentioned pregame, Klay played so well in Game 1, without shooting well. And to me that usually indicates that the ball's going to go in. His defense was tremendous in Game 1, his ball handling, his passing. I thought he played a great game.

I just felt like he was poised to come out and make some shots tonight, and he did. And his defense again was tremendous. I thought Klay, he guards so many people out there and he has such a responsibility with Kyrie and switching onto LeBron, and I thought he was fantastic.

Q. What was it like to witness up close and personal Steph dribbling around LeBron and going into the paint and scoring in the third quarter? And also Kevin flicked one up at one point off balance? I mean, pretty special to see those again.
COACH KERR: The talent on the floor in this series is just unbelievable. Obviously with Steph and K.D. and Klay and Draymond, but trying to stop LeBron and Kyrie, Kevin Love was tremendous tonight. It really is a series that's just loaded with high-powered weapons all over the floor.

The game changed quite a bit tonight from Game 1. They made a lot of adjustments. They put us on our heels, and we were able to respond.

Q. You especially appreciative that they decided to turn the ball over 13 times in the first half and in your return here?
COACH KERR: Yeah, it was a welcome back, Coach.

Q. Good coaching on that?
COACH KERR: Yeah, I mean, that's been the focus the last two days is can we repeat the formula. The answer was no. We did not repeat it. Tonight was a game based on talent. We had a lot of guys who played exceptionally well individually, and we played with great energy.

But heading to Cleveland, we're going to have to be a lot smarter. We play that same game in Cleveland, there's no way we win.

Q. You mentioned the adjustments. This really was a chess match kind of game. They go small, you go small, Durant was playing center for some time. Was that kind of fun for you, though, just to immerse yourself in that kind of strategic back and forth?
COACH KERR: Yeah, it's always fun when you've got to make a lot of decisions out there. Obviously we're blessed with a very versatile roster, so we have options, just like they do, and but they really changed a lot from Game 1, and we had to respond to that. And in the midst of that, Draymond was in foul trouble, and so that made it trickier. But, again, our guys responded really well.

Q. Kevin had a big offensive game but maybe beneath the radar for those that don't really get into as much of the defense part. He had five of your seven blocks. The one -- I think the one that would have put them away was the jump hook on Love, hitting a run there at the other end to finish him off. Talk about Kevin just as a defensive player?
COACH KERR: His defense was amazing, and we needed it. Especially with Draymond out. It's a small game and you got shooters everywhere and you have to be able protect the rim with LeBron coming downhill, with Love posting up and Draymond's on the bench.

So that's a pretty scary proposition for us. I thought that Kev's defense was unreal, and it was probably the key to the whole game. Along with the perimeter defense of Klay and Andre, trying to do their best with Kyrie and LeBron, but K.D. was amazing.

Q. Steph didn't look very well in the second quarter, third quarter he kind of changed the game. What is it about when Steph goes off that really gives you guys some separation?
COACH KERR: Well, he just generates so much force to the game. Even when he's not making shots, he's bringing defenders all the way out to the perimeter, which opens up so much. He pushes the ball relentlessly, and obviously he got going there in the third after a poor first half. But he changes the game, just by being himself and being out there and attacking.

Q. What did you think of the narrative that he doesn't play well in The Finals?
COACH KERR: Whose narrative is that?

Q. I just made it up.
COACH KERR: Oh, okay. Well, write your story and e-mail it to me and I'll critique it.

Q. I want to ask you, historically, if you can take a step back, you know this team is making history every time it wins. It is a remarkable thing that they have done so far. I know you don't care until you win the championship, but can you maybe take a step back and talk about the remarkable achievement this team has done, just by getting to this point without losing once?
COACH KERR: Well, it's been a great run, but none of that matters unless we can finish the job with this series. We know, trust me, we know. It was 2-0 last year and we lost. So playing an unbelievably good, competitive team, dominant team. They have, what, two, three losses the whole Playoffs. Now we got to go back there. This is where the series changed last year, so we're just trying to think about the next game.

Q. LeBron James, amazing night tonight. Can you talk about his play and what you may be able to do in Cleveland to try to stop him?
COACH KERR: Oh, we have got a plan in Cleveland, we're going to shut him down. We have got this great plan that for sure is going to just completely stop him.

I don't know what you do with him. He's one of the great players of all time, we all know that, I think he's playing better than he's ever played, and you just do your best. You kind of know that he's going to dominate the game, and you try to do -- there's certain spots on the floor that we have rules and you try to give that stuff to the players and but they just got to do their best and see what happens.

Q. Is it really more about limiting his teammates then?
COACH KERR: Well, I was pleased with our three-point defense. And that's important. This team really thrives on making threes, and we held them to 8-29. That was key. But they went smaller, they had shooters all over the floor, they didn't play their two bigs together that often, which opened up the game, and LeBron was so determined to get downhill to the rim. Right from the beginning you could see the force that he brought to the game. And when he's like that, not a whole lot you can do.

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