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June 4, 2017

Jason Dufner

Dublin, Ohio

Q. Jason, that was a heck of a putt on the last. Obviously a victory in your native state?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, so today was nice. Yesterday was not nice. But to rebound from it, I think that makes me really proud to kind of grind through it.

You have a lot of setbacks out here on the PGA Tour, to rebound from it and give myself a chance to win -- I was going to be proud whether I won today or not because I got back in contention and that's what all of us want to do come Sunday at the PGA Tour.

Q. You moved up to 13 on the FedExCup, and now obviously looking good for the Presidents Cup, as well. What will it mean to you to get back into teams like that?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, those are always big goals. At the beginning of the year, I don't set a lot of goals. It's hard to talk about I want to win this or do that. Top-30 of the FedExCup is always big to me. Trying to get back to Atlanta, Tour championship.

And being part of one of the teams this year, the Presidents Cup, I'll be excited. Hopefully I can stick on that team and be part of that team. We don't get to do that very often. I talked about that a lot. It's easy to be an individual out here and consumed with what you do as an individual. But that one week a year where we're part of a team and a lot of guys I'm friends, it's a lot of fun.

Q. At the end of the day after the end of the round yesterday, and dealing with the delays today, how did you handle it?
JASON DUFNER: The delays weren't a problem, just kind of happens. I was hoping that we could get through with just one. But those things happen out here. I've been through a lot of delays, so you get a routine and stick to it.

Yesterday I was pretty frustrated with how I finished, how I played. So I kind of burned some steam off on the range and got it out of my system. It's easy to kind of go home mad, but I didn't want to go home mad last night and wanted to feel confident going into today.

Q. You went out and won this thing. You made huge putts down the stretch, 15, 17, and then that huge one on 18. How happy are you with the way you were putting the ball?
JASON DUFNER: You know, a lot of times for me the ball-striking is what I have to do well, and that's kind of what I did on the back nine. I hit three or four shots that I almost couldn't miss them, even though I tried on 17. Then to make par on 18 was really special. Obviously, knowing that I need to make bogey at worst to have a chance, but to make a 35-footer on the last hole, I did that a couple of years ago in Dallas to win, too. I like the longer putts, but I'm proud of being in contention and winning another tournament on the PGA Tour.

Q. Being from Ohio means something special?
JASON DUFNER: Yes, I grew up here. I wasn't living here for a long time, I moved away when I was about nine or ten. But I have a lot of friends and family here, a lot of support out on the golf course. It's hard to have equal support when you're playing with Rickie Fowler, but I felt like I had that today.

And then Mr. Nicklaus is the only other Ohioan to win this event, so now I join that list. Pretty good company there and pretty good event to win.

Q. This tournament has been -- winning this tournament obviously is a huge thing, especially for your game. You've got to feel it's back where you want it. People have gone on to have big things after winning this tournament.
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, I hope it's the start of some big things for this year and going forward. I've had a pretty good year this year. I've been really consistent, a lot of top-25s and a lot of made cuts. I know that doesn't sound flashy and great. But I felt like I played pretty well every week this year. It was a matter of time at some point some things were going to happen for me to be able to win.

I holed the shot on Friday that normally doesn't happen, I made a 35-footer on the last hole of the tournament. Those are the types of are things that can be the difference out here. People kind of miss that. Everybody is playing pretty good when you're in the top-10, it's just a couple of things that separate what I did today and the guys that finished second, third and fourth.

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