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June 3, 2017

Tanner Gardner

Steven Gingery

Ryan Long

Tim Tadlock

Lubbock, Texas

St. Houston St. - 0, Texas Tech - 6

THE MODERATOR: Coach, an opening statement?

COACH TADLOCK: Well, first of all, I'd just like to say everybody that's been associated with this Regional so far is to be commended with all the weather we've had. It's been a lot of fun to watch Bob and Joe and Steve and Mike and everybody that's running this deal kind of -- well, I don't want to forget about Ralph over there -- but everybody involved with it has done a really good job under the circumstances. Late night. I know everybody's -- we were out here pretty late last night, I'm pretty sure.

There have been some long days for everybody. We appreciate everybody. Probably could echo that sentiment about our team also.

It's a lot of fun watching Gingery throw the baseball. Lot of fun watching Tanner and Ryan swing the bat. Could say that about everybody on our club. When they play the game the right way, we've got the best seat in the house.

Q. Tanner, Donica had only given up three home runs all season. You guys had three home runs tonight against him. How much did your home run in the top of the first kind of set the tone for you guys offensively?
TANNER GARDNER: Yeah, I think that was pretty important. Just getting off to a fast start. That's kind of what we came in with the mindset of was just getting on them early and keep pounding from there. I was just executing the plan, and saw the ball well tonight. I think that first inning was pretty important.

Q. Steve, you guys get that strikeout kickoff there to end the bottom of the first. How crucial do you think that was for you and you guys defensively to get in a rhythm and get things rolling?
STEVEN GINGERY: Yeah, that was definitely huge. Just want to give a shout out to my boys right here for hitting some bombs. It was pretty fun to watch. That was really huge for us, and really helped me pitch with the lead.

Q. Tanner, you kind of started the season slow and then you had the ankle injury. Today though do you feel like this is the most locked in at the plate you've been now, getting a roll at the right time?
TANNER GARDNER: Yeah, I feel really comfortable right now. Just getting healthy and getting some at-bats through my injury. You know, I didn't produce as well as I could have, and I feel like I could have throughout the time that I was hurt that I was still DH'ing and playing. So it's nice to get back on the field and get healthy and start swinging the bat well and seeing it well.

Q. You had a great night tonight, but I'm going to ask you this question, and then I've got a follow-up for Tanner. Which one of you do you feel had the better night, you or Tanner?
STEVEN GINGERY: I would just like to give the credit to Tanner, honestly, for hitting those two bombs, like I said. It was really fun to watch, and really helped me pitch.

Q. Tanner, same question, who had the better night?
TANNER GARDNER: I tried to give him the game ball and he wouldn't take it. So, I guess, I don't want to take credit, but he pitched his butt off. So I'd probably say him for sure.

Q. Ryan, is seemed like after Gardner's home run Donica settled in a little bit and retired seven straight guys. But he had mentioned as a sinker guy he just kind of left some up over the plate. Was that what both of you saw on the pitches you were able to hit? Was that just something that you guys were kind of beating on coming into this contest?
RYAN LONG: Yeah, we weren't too focused with what he does. We were kind of focusing on our plan. When we got a good pitch, we were going to try to attack it. I didn't have quite as good of an approach yesterday, but today, like I said, we turned it around and tried to have a better approach.

It's easier when you have guys like Tanner and Josh and grove hitting in front of you, because they're battling the bats out, and you just see more and more pitches. So it really helped me get in a groove.

Q. Coach, Gingery, pretty good.
COACH TADLOCK: Really good. I thought Gingery had really good fastball command tonight. Had the change-up going, had the breaking ball going. Guys played good defense behind him. Could have gone back out there really easily. Thought he was really efficient.

I thought it was a group effort, obviously. It's not like he's punching out everybody like he's Randy Johnson or anything, but I thought he pitched pretty good.

Q. Coach, you didn't have Farhat in the lineup today, was it an issue or coach's decision?
COACH TADLOCK: No, he was a little sore. The deal he had last week, he was a little sore, and just felt like a guy that was 100% would be better than a guy that wasn't.

Q. Coach, bottom of the first there when they got two guys on, and good got that strikeout pick off at third, do you think that was a big moment to shut down any momentum Sam Houston was picking up there?
COACH TADLOCK: Yeah, I thought Berglund, obviously, it all starts with the pitch, and it's full count. You kind of know they're running right there. Stay out of the double-play and end up executing a pitch so you get a double-play. So those are always good anyway you can get them. It's good to see us execute it.

Q. What did you think about Dylan and the inning he got out there in the ninth?
COACH TADLOCK: I thought he was efficient. I really did. He really got two batters out. He got the throw out at second base as kind of the same deal. I thought he was efficient. He did really exactly what we needed, he threw seven pitches, so didn't want to burn too many.

Q. Coach, I asked both Steven and Tanner, who do you think had the better night tonight?
COACH TADLOCK: I would say Gingery was the better pitcher tonight, and Tanner was the best hitter tonight. How's that?

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